A factory manufactured extended magazine for the G17 and G18. Guaranteed to make missing slightly less of a problem.
–In-game description
33rd Mag



Attachment Type Other
Kills Required 950
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The 33rd Mag is an attachment available exclusively to the G17 and G18. It is unlocked by attaining 950 kills or by purchasing it with credits.


Glock manufacture a multitude of magazine types for the range of pistols, having magazines of different capacities for different calibres for different models of Glocks.

The magazine seen in-game is the 33-round magazine chambered in the 9x19mm Parabellum cartridge. This magazine is typically used with the Glock 18, although it can also be used for other types of Glock pistols such as the Glock 17. The principle of this magazine is the same as other high-capacity or extended magazines, as it allows the weapon to fire more bullets before needing to reload. Due to being a high-capacity magazine, it is usually restricted in its availability or outright banned in some countries.


General Information

The 33rd Mag, as its name suggests, increases the magazine capacity of the G18 from the default 19+1 rounds to 33+1 rounds, a total increase of 23 rounds or 73%. The amount of ammunition in reserve is also affected, with the amount decreasing from 57 to 33 rounds.

Usage & Tactics

Due to the increased magazine capacity, the Glock 18 has a magazine capacity that rivals most Personal Defense Weapons, allowing a user to take out multiple enemies in one magazine. However, due to its inherent recoil, the player should refrain from using the weapon at longer ranges, making it an ideal attachment for a sniper who lacks a good close range weapon.


In conclusion, the 33rd Mag is a decent attachment that increases the magazine capacity of its parent gun, the Glock 18. Due to this modification, the weapon becomes significantly more effective as a close-range secondary weapon.


  • This is the first distinct extended magazine attachment to be added.
  • This is one of the three secondary-exclusive attachments, the others being the G Stock and Boom Stock.
  • This is one of three extended magazine attachments available for different weapons, the others being the Extended Magazine available for the AS VAL and SR-3M, and the 20 round drum magazine for the AA-12.


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