Expands magazine capacity to hold a whopping 50 rounds. This heavy magazine greatly reduces spare rounds carried, slows reload and handling speed, and slows your walkspeed, but at least you'll feel like a mobster.
–In-game description
50rd Drum
50RD DRUM angled
Attachment Type Other
Kills Required 1000
Note Reduces reserve to 100.
Reduces aiming speed to 11.25.
Reduces walkspeed to 11.5.

The 50rd Drum, or 50 Round Drum, is an attachment available exclusively to the Tommy Gun. It is unlocked by attaining 1000 kills or it can be unlocked with credits.


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General Information

The 50rd Drum provides a tremendous increase in magazine capacity, but it comes at the cost of mobility, weapon handling, reload speed, and a large amount of reserves. The total ammunition carried by the Tommy Gun is 180 rounds, but it falls to 150 rounds when this attachment is used, much like the 30rd Mag.

Usage & Tactics

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Coming soon.


  • This is the fourth distinct extended magazine attachment to be added.
  • This is the first magazine attachment to have a distinct reload animation.
    • This is because of how the Thompson loads drum magazines. While stick magazines can be inserted directly upwards, drum magazines must be slid in from the side in order for them to lock into the weapon.


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