"인천 국제 공항"

Incheon International Airport

The Airport was a map in the CTE version of Phantom Forces. It has not seen a reappearance since the CTE closed.


It’s a Korean airport set in the middle of a grass clearing, similar to the outdoor area of Highway Lot. The giant airport is the main focus of the map, although gun fights may occur near the parking lot. The airport building has 2 levels. The first level is a large lobby where there are pillars and seats everywhere. It is the first area the player will be in when the player enter via the main entrance. Climbing up the stairs/escalators will bring the player to several metal detectors and a baggage check-in. This is where the hill is located. To the left and right of the previously mentioned stairs are 2 empty shops with glass panes as windows. Going forward from the metal detectors will bring the player to a waiting area with large glass panels as windows. Under this waiting area is a cargo area complete with forklifts and boxes. Outside of the glass panels is the runway, with the only plane in the area crash-landed into the runway. Departure/arrival gates are also present at the waiting area, providing access to the runway and the cargo area. The entrance to the cargo area is in the form of 2 pairs of Ravod-styled garages that face towards the runway. Jumping down from the previously mentioned gates and turning around should bring the player to the garages. To the right of the main entrance is a parking lot with elements of the parking lots from both Crane Site and Highway Lot. The rest of the map are the Highway Lot fields. Incorporating sniping tactics from Highway Lot can be useful in the similar fields outside the airport.

Similarities to other maps

This map is unique in having objects and props from all the maps currently in Phantom Forces.

  • The paint buckets in the cargo area are in Mall.
  • The Tanks and the cargo area garage entrance are in Ravod 911.
  • The Forklifts in the cargo area are in Mall and Crane Site Revamped.
  • The ads dotted around the map are the same as the ones from Metro.
  • The Parking Lot is an exact copy of the parking lot in Highway Lot (complete with the sky bridge) and the stairs/ramps in the parking lot from Crane Site.
  • The area surrounding the entire map are the grass outskirts seen in Highway Lot.
  • The bridge next to the parking lot is from Highway Lot.
  • The Royota trucks in the parking lot and outside the airport's main entrance are in Desert Storm.
  • Website of real life airport [1]
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