For shotgun ammunition, see Shotgun Ammunition Types.

Armor Piercing

  Changes your ammunition to green tipped armor piercing rounds. Increases bullet penetration (+50%) but reduces range (-50%) and suppression (-50%).
–In-game description
Armor Piercing
Attachment Type Ammo
Kills Required 1000
Note Unavailable for Shotguns and Sniper Rifles


While armor-piercing shells had been around since the 1860s that were designed to defeat heavily armored ironclads, and had existed in the form of 'K' bullets since WW1, it was not until around WW2 that armor-piercing ammunition for small arms was issued in much greater numbers. For small arms, bullets were cast in either hardened steel, tungsten, or tungsten carbide, although depleted uranium has been used in larger-scale weapons such as autocannons.


Armor Piercing (AP) is a type of ammunition located in the ‘Ammo’ category. Like all non-shotgun ammo types, AP rounds do not have a visual model. However, when equipped, your weapon projectile's tracers color will be changed from red to green.

Statistics Multipliers (actual values)
Maximum damage range ×0.5
Bullet penetration ×1.5
Suppression ×0.5

Usage & Tactics

As the name suggests, any weapon with this attached can pierce through thicker barriers than it could normally. On maps with thin cover, such as Warehouse, this can greatly improve weapon performance. On weapons like the M60 that already feature impressive penetration, the extra boost makes it even easier to perform wallbangs. However, close-quarters performance suffers. AP should be applied to weapons that need more penetrative performance like personal defense weapons . It is also recommended to use AP on guns with a consistent shot to kill such as the SCAR-L, L85, G36, and AG3 as it does not affect the range of certain shots to kill

Hollow Point

  Changes your ammunition to hollow point rounds. Increases damage (+20%) and suppression (+10%), but reduces range (-10%) and headshot multiplier (-83.33%).
–In-game description
Hollow Point
Attachment Type Ammo
Kills Required 2000
Note Unavailable for Shotguns and Sniper Rifles


Hollow point rounds were created in the 19th century and were sold as "express" bullets. These were cast entirely in a soft lead alloy. In the 1890s, British handgun cartridge designs included hollow points, and were called "manstoppers." In 1898, in the Hague Convention, hollow points were banned in international warfare upon the conclusion that it violated the laws of war. However, hollow point bullets see frequent use in civilian and law enforcement arsenals as a guarantee that whoever is shot will become incapacitated. They are also less likely to hit bystanders from over-penetrating or ricocheted bullets.


Hollow Point (HP) is a type of ammunition located in the ‘Ammo’ category. Like all non-shotgun ammo types, HP rounds do not have a visual model. However, when equipped, your weapon projectile's tracers color will be changed from red to blue.

Statistics Multipliers (actual values)
Maximum damage ×1.2
Max. Damage Range ×1.1
Minimum damage ×0.8
Minimum damage range ×0.9
Headshot Multiplier x1.14(fixed value)
Torso Multiplier 1 (fixed value)
Bullet penetration ×0.5
Suppression ×1.05

Usage & Tactics

Hollow Point ammunition dramatically shifts the performance of a weapon, making it far more powerful in close quarters. The maximum damage of a weapon is multiplied by 1.2, which can make weapons like DMRs and LMGs deal quite a lot of damage up close. This comes at the cost of ranged damage and the headshot multiplier. Weapons that rely on a torso multiplier to deal more damage may suffer from using Hollow Point ammunition, as it is always set to ×1. High damage weapons such as the SA58 SPR stand to become more lethal with Hollow Point. Using that weapon as an example, the damage goes from 48->30 to 57.59->25. The headshot multiplier goes from ×2.10 to ×1.75. The range goes from 40->180 to 40.57->162 studs. With Hollow Points, the SA58 SPR maintains a 4SK at any range, but it can no longer 2SK to the head at any range. However, it can now 1SK to the head inside of the 40-stud effective range.

.223 Remington

  Civilian version of the 5.56x45mm NATO military round. Typically has less power. Less recoil for better accuracy for decreased damage and bullet speed.
–In-game description
.223 Remington
Attachment Type Ammo
Kills Required 500
Note Only available for guns that use 5.56x45mm NATO.


.223 Remington is a rifle cartridge developed in 1957 for the ArmaLite AR-15. In 1964, the ArmaLite AR-15 was adopted by the United States Army (with a full-auto feature) designated the M16A1. The .223 round was considerably lighter than the previously used 7.62x51mm cartridge.

Its origins lie in this call from the US Army for a lighter rifle round. Remington began development for a round based off of .22 Long Rifle, and designated it .222 Special. After some consideration, it was renamed .223 Remington. The military version of the cartridge used a 55-grain full metal jacket and was designated the M193. Belgian FN Herstal had made some improvements to .223 Remington, including increasing powder load to 62 grains and constructing the tip out of steel. In 1970, NATO began searching for a lighter standard rifle cartridge, and FN's 5.56x45mm SS109 round was adopted.

Curiously, although it is conventionally less powerful, .223 Remington will fragment out to further ranges than 5.56x45mm NATO, increasing effective range and wounding potential.


.223 Remington is a type of ammunition located in the ‘Ammo’ category. Like all non-shotgun ammo types, .223 Remington rounds do not have a visual model. .223 Remington is able to be used on most 5.56x45mm guns.

Statistics Multipliers (actual values)
Maximum Damage ×0.95
Minimum Damage ×0.9
Muzzle Velocity ×0.9
Camera Kick (All) ×0.9
Weapon Recoil Damping ×1.05

Usage & Tactics

.223 Remington is best applied at close to medium range, as it lowers velocity and damage, but also decreases camera kick and recoil. It is best used on rifles with a higher RoF (rate of fire), such as the M16A3 and M4A1, as it reduces recoil phenomenally in-turn for a slight damage reduction, which is countered by the higher rate of fire.

Due to .223's recoil reducing abilities, it makes most sense to put it on guns with high recoil, as .223 will more heavily reduce recoil. This allows guns such as the M231 to be more precise, with a more tameable vertical recoil. On the other end of the recoil spectrum, .223 can also be put on guns that are already very stable, such as the M16A3 and SCAR-L, to become very viable choices as practically 'recoilless weapons.' On the M16A3, M16A4, M4, M4A1, M231, SCAR PDW, K2, K1A, and L86 LSW, .223 Remington gives them extended magazines.


  Ammo that will make your tracers less visible when firing.
–In-game description
Attachment Type Ammo
Kills Required 2950
Note Not Available on shotguns


Equivalent to dim tracer rounds, used with night vision equipment. Rounds are hard to see with the eye as a result, but show up on clearly on night vision devices. Purely tracerless ammunition is known as ball ammo, but considering that the in-game ammo has barely visible bullets, dim tracers fit the role better, as one cannot directly see ball ammo travel.


Tracerless is a type of ammunition located in the ‘Ammo’ category. Like all non-shotgun ammo types, Tracerless rounds do not have a visual model. However, when equipped, your weapon projectile's tracers will become less visible.

Statistics Multipliers (actual values)
Weapon Recoil Damping ×0.95
Hipfire Spread Damping ×0.95
Weapon Recovery Speed ×0.95
Bullet Tracer Opacity ×UNKNOWN

Usage & Tactics

Tracerless rounds can be used to gain a slight advantage when trying to be stealthy. Tracerless ammo makes bullet tracers less visible, though slightly decreases accuracy. This ammo type can be a hit-or-miss, as most players usually do not watch for tracers.

Rat Shot

  Pitifully weak multi projectile shell designed to be fired from a .22lr firearm.
–In-Game Description
Rat Shot
Attachment Type Ammo
Kills Required 7500
Note Available on the ZIP 22, M1911, and Škorpion vz. 61.


Snake shot (also known as Rat shot or Dust shot) is a standard cartridge converted to load small lead shot, and is typically used to shoot small pests at close range. Common cartridge conversions include .22 LR, .45 ACP and 9mm NATO.


Rat Shot is a type of ammunition located in the ‘Ammo’ category. Like all non-shotgun ammo types, Rat Shot rounds do not have a visual model.


Attachment Values

Penetration Depth 0
Hip Choke 2.1
Aim Choke 1.8
Crosshair Size 26
Max. Damage 7.5
Min. Damage 2
Number of Pellets 4
Reserve Ammo 100

Usage & Tactics

Rat shot can be put on the ZIP 22 to convert it into a 4-pellet shotgun that is only effective only at very close quarters. This can also be put on the Škorpion vz. 61, as well as the M1911. Recommended only for people with fast trigger fingers, as it is a 4SK at its maximum damage range.


  • Different types of ammunition was released on January 21, 2018 as a part of the Winter Update.
    • Armor Piercing used to give weapons 1.2 Torso Multiplier. This was nerfed.
  • The update was called ‘YOLO ammo types’, implying that the developers had not tested the attachments, as they didn’t make an appearance in the Test Place and the devs asked for feedback on the loading screen.
    • Community backlash was particularly violent upon their introduction due to them breaking a lot of weapons in terms of power and balance.
    • Previous attachments in the CTE were similar in methodology, albeit not as generic.
  • On January 24, 2018, the ammunition types caused some players to rank reset to 20. They only have lost their rank and not other data.
  • The .223 Remington ammo type was released on April 1, 2020, as a part of the April Fools Update.
  • In Update 4.0.0, the Hollow Point fire color changed to a blueish-purplish color.
  • In Update 4.13.0, ammunition types were forked to their own category of attachment.


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