This vaguely triangle shaped grip is surprisingly effective and won't slide away. Balanced reduction in camera recoil while firing. Increased hipfire spread, with a slight increase to visible gun recoil.
–In-game description
Angled Grip
Attachment Type Underbarrel
Kills Required 125
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The Angled Grip is an underbarrel attachment in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked by attaining 125 kills with a weapon, or by purchasing it with credits.


The Angled Grip is a simple introduction to recoil reducing attachments. It provides moderate, yet reliable benefits to reducing overall camera recoil. A minor drawback to this is a slight increase of hipfire spread and overall visible recoil. Despite that, the benefits it offers makes it an excellent choice for those wishing to perform better at mid/long range combat. This makes this grip an opportune selection for all-around shooting, due to the increase in both aim and hip stability, which improves performance in both mid to long range combat. The Angled Grip can be effectively appiled to weapons such as assault rifles and LMGs, which can require both hipfiring and aiming-down-sights (ADS) in certain situations.


The Angled Grip is often the first recoil-reducing attachment one goes to, if they are to use ADS. A Vertical Grip increases ADS recoil, whereas the Angled Grip decreases it, providing the first look into ADS recoil-reducing attachments. Unfortunately, Grips also increase the time it takes to ADS, which is often applied to the Angled Grip.

Being the earliest unlock into reducing ADS recoil, the Angled Grip is a must-have for users who would like to excel in medium range combat.

Pros & Cons


  • Higher maximum camera recoil reduction.
  • No negative impact on model stability or recoil handling.


  • Negative impact on hipfire spread and visible recoil.


  • The Angled Grip punishes hip stability statistics the least, out of itself, the Folding Grip, and the Stubby Grip.
  • The Angled Grip reduces equip speed and aim speed, along with every grip.


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