Angled Grip
Attachment Type Underbarrel
Kills Required 125
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"This vaguely triangle shaped grip is surprisingly effective and won't slide away. Balanced reduction in camera recoil while firing. Increased hipfire spread, with a slight increase to visible gun recoil. " - In-game Description

The Angled Grip provides moderate, yet reliable benefits to reducing overall camera recoil. A minor drawback to this is a slight increase of hipfire spread and overall visible recoil. Despite that, the benefits it offers makes it an excellent choice for those wishing to perform better at mid/long range combat.

The Angled Grip is the second grip attachment acquired after the Vertical Grip.


The Angled Grip is a simple introduction to recoil reducing attachments, which reduce overall recoil with little punishment to players that grasp the concept of attachment downsides, while still creating noticeable drops in hipfire stability.

The Angled Grip is especially a great choice for all-around shooting, due to the increase in both aim and hip stability, which improves performance in both mid to long range combat.

Excellent for weapons of the the Assault and Support (LMGs) class. It stands with the least negative hipfire ability changes compared to it's other two higher kill-unlock grips. the Folding and the Stubby Grip.


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  • The Angled Grip is not the best choice when relying on hipfire.
    • Examples of such weapons are the MP5K and the MP7.
  • Weapons specializing in semi-long range combat such as the G36, L86 LSW, and AUG A1 are especially benefited.
    • Longer ranged Marksman Rifles such as the SKS can also be put into great use with the Angled Grip.
  • The Angled Grip is preferably not the best choice for weapons which are inferior in close-quarters.
  • Players who prefer better improvements to aim stability can substitute with the Folding Grip or Stubby Grip.

Comparison to Stubby Grip


  • Higher maximum camera recoil reduction.
  • No negative impact on model stability or recoil handling.


  • Negative impact on hipfire spread and visible recoil.


  • The Angled Grip punishes hip stability stats least out of the Folding and Stubby Grip
  • The Angled Grip reduces equip speed and aim speed, along with every grip.


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