Your personal waifu giving her neko love to support you in combat.
–In-game Description

Animu Sight
Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 1337
Note TRG-42 iron sights

The Animu Sight is a set of Iron Sights from the Optics. It is currently in the Test Place. It requires 1337 kills to unlock, or it can be purchased with credits.


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General Information

The Animu Sight is essentially the MBUS flip-up iron sights from the TRG-42, with a cut-out of an anime-styled catgirl attached on the right side of the iron sight, performing a heart-shaped finger pose.

The Animu Sight is the third hardest optic to unlock in terms of gun kill requirement (as of the Test Place), surpassing the DDHB Reflex (of 1200 kills) by 137 kills, but behind the two ACOG variants of TA11 & TA01 (at 1750 & 2500 gun kills respectively). By August 2019, it was tied with the ZIP 22's Pro Mag 1337 gun kills.

Usage and Tactics

As a replacement set of iron sights, this plays much the same way as the iron sights would on any other weapon. Where this attachment comes into its own is replacing obstructive iron sights like those on the AN-94, which are highly restrictive, sit low on the weapon, and generally are difficult to use effectively. If a player has unlocked the TRG-42, then the iron sights on that weapon provide a very similar experience to this attachment.


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Pros & Cons


  • Sight picture remains clear despite the obstruction added to the sight.


  • Obstructs the right side of the screen.
  • Reduces overall peripheral vision.


  • This attachment is the first iron sight replacement for primary weapons. For secondary weapons, they already had the Full Ring Sight and Half Ring Sight.
  • The character used for the Animu Sight is named Anti. She was drawn by Reddit user SUMERIKAN. A high-resolution image can be found at this Reddit post.



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