The Electro is Barska's entry into the world of compact red dot sights. It is American made and features a powerful diode to create an easy-to-see reticle on a panoramic screen.
–In-game description
Barska Electro

Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 750
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The Barska Electro is an American red-dot sight. It requires 750 kills to be unlocked, or it can be purchased with credits.


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General Information

The Electro is much like any other thin-frame red dot optic - unmagnified, snappy, and relatively clear. The only real issue is the Electro's crosshairs, which for some may be more preferable. For those looking for the clearest sight picture, the Coyote Sight and DDHB Reflex win out. However, the optic is like the EOTech XPS2 and Pilad 3, where the red dot is encircled to help aid pellet spread in shotguns, and compensate for high-recoil weapons.

Usage & Tactics

The Barska Electro is intended to be used like any other red dot sight. Its obstructive reticle may prove difficult for use at extreme ranges, however. The magnification helps aid close-to-medium range combat, such as on the Honey Badger and AK variants.

Pros & Cons


  • Low magnification.
  • Does not significantly hinder aim down sights (ADS) time.
  • Low obstruction.


  • Poor performance at range.
  • Large reticle can impede accuracy.


  • The reticle of the Barska Electro was exactly the same as that of the Coyote Sight when it was briefly changed during update 4.1.0.




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