Baseball Bat
Rank Prerequisites Rank 48
Melee Type Two Hand Blunt
Blade Range 5.2 Studs
Headshot Multiplier 1.35x
Torso Multiplier 1.35x
Front Stab Damage 50
Backstab Damage 105
Main Attack Time 0.5 Seconds
Main Attack Delay 0.2 Seconds
Alternate Attack Time 0.6 Seconds
Alternate Attack Delay 0.2 Seconds
Quick Attack Time 1.3 Seconds
Quick Attack Delay 0 Seconds
Melee Walkspeed 16

The Baseball Bat is a Two Hand Blunt melee weapon in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked at Rank 48 or can be unlocked by rolling a LEGENDARY while opening a case.


A baseball bat is a smooth club, used to strike a ball thrown in the general direction of the batter as hard and far as possible. Unsurprisingly, this implement is used in the game of baseball. Baseball bats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are generally made of one of two materials - metal or wood. Both types have a distinctive sound. Bats can also feature a rubberized or wrapped grip for better control and comfort.


The baseball bat in-game appears to be hewn from a single piece of wood, with a rubberized batting area and a plain wooden grip.


General Information

The Baseball Bat has a higher range than many other melee weapons, with the exception of the Sledge Hammer, Hattori and Chosen One. However, the backstab damage is very low; the lowest for any melee weapon in game.

Usage and Tactics

The Baseball Bat has a very large range for a melee weapon. It is best used to finish off a weakened foe, or a close, unaware squad (with one swing, this weapon can take out multiple enemies.) It is best paired with a PDW or any CQC oriented weapon, such as the MG3KWS, Kriss Vector, PPSh, etc. However, you should zig-zag to avoid damage and make it harder for people to track and hit you with bullets. Once in range, try to land headshots and keep strafing to avoid return fire. This is a good tactic if you run out of rounds in a weapon with a long reload speed, such as the MG3KWS, or if you're weapon is not optimized for close-quarters combat. However, be aware of enemies around you, and do not stop moving. Remember to strafe around single enemies to ensure you land the very necessary backstab damage.


Its quick slash speed combined with its large area of reach make it a very dangerous weapon in the hands of an experienced player. However, the overall low damage may make combat troublesome if not attacking from the back.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick slash speed.
  • Large range for a melee weapon.


  • Relatively low front stab damage.


  • Baseball bats are often used as a club-like weapon.
    • Many video games use the baseball bat as an easily-accessible club weapon.
    • In the case of post-apocalyptic games, nails are usually added to a baseball bat to make it even more lethal.
  • If one is lucky enough to get a customizable skin for the Baseball Bat, changing the bat to a neon color makes it look like a lightsaber in its 3rd person model, therefore meaning you could essentially have a makeshift-any-color-you-want lightsaber.
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