Update Released 4.30 (March 8/9, 2019)
Map Status In map rotation, Active
Map Type Snowy woodland area
Location Northern Russia (presumably Siberia)

Blizzard is a map set on a small town at snowy island. It is now on its second revision than on it's Testing Place version. It was temporarily removed from the Testing Place somewhere in 2018, then in Update 4.3.0, it was brought back to the main game of Phantom Forces on March 2019.


The map is almost entirely outdoors and is entirely covered in snow. There are falling snow visible around the map, as it falls from the sky. There are various vehicles scattered around the map and a few buildings can be seen used as spawns or cover for flares.


Location Flare Domination King of the Hill
Behind Apartment Buildings A
Center of the Map B
Behind Market Buildings C


There are four buildings at each spawn, including a garage. There is also a large semi-truck carrying logs and a large road running down the middle. This map also includes a Hospital, cul-de-sac, Garage, Shopping area, and the tower of power in the distance.

Sewer System (before Update 4.3)

It is a major feature of this map. But, before Update 4.3 on March 2019, at the time during it's testing phase, the map is used to be featuring a full sewer system underground, which is extensive in length which leads to confusion and having players get lost in the sewers, which would have surpassed Ruins in practical play area & size. But, as of the 4.30 Update on March 9, 2019, the sewer system is appeared to be removed.


It is best to move about in this map, as it has very open sight lines and this is the best way to avoid being shot while still getting kills. Standing still or running into an open area during combat is suicide. The map is primarily focused on medium range. Low ROF weapons such as DMRs and snipers are not recommended here, although you can find a high point to snipe the enemies from there, so it is best to switch it up for LMG's, Shotguns and Assault Rifles, especially PDW's with high mobility and RoF for CQC and fast-paced attack. It has high snow piles taller than 2-3 players combined in terms of height, so be careful when running around in the open or close to these piles, because an enemy may pop up at any time and/or can shoot you from a distance without warning or having them being seen. For the KoTH defense, LMG's are sometimes, generally recommended due to its high weapon penetration and good capabilities against enemy squads. MG3KWS works best as it mows down enemy hordes in quick succession, at its high RoF of 1000 RPM, but, just be aware of the very slow recoil recovery speed, high recoil when spamming-fire in medium to long ranges and its lowest magazine capacity, of 50 rounds, which leads to frequent but frustratingly, long reloading.

Since logs can be moved by players, it can be used for portable(practically movable) cover to hide yourselves and avoid getting hit by gunfire, but it is not recommended due to its length and the vast number of obstacles and snow piles around the map that prevents the movement of the logs, due to Roblox logical physics and weight.


  • The map is a remake, although this time only WolfDawgz worked on it. In both the old version and the 4.30 version, this map was based on Northern Siberia and/or Russia, located in Northern Europe.
    • The sewer system is not featured in the current version on Update 4.3. It is unknown why it is removed, and it is unknown whether if it's intentional. It may be due to the fact that the sewers was just plainly too hard to navigate for even seasoned and familiar players.
  • At one point the logs on the back of the semi mentioned in Landmarks were unanchored, meaning players could push them around the map.
  • When firing a bullet on a snowy ground, it shoots up snow effects from the ground.
  • The original Blizzard map was the submission in the community map challenge from Reddit.
  • In some certain occasions, there is snow falling throughout the map.
    • The same thing can be seen in Ruins.
  • Inside one of the buildings, there is a pickup truck named ROYOTA on its back. The name is a Roblox version of Toyota.
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