• Yellowandblac

    Mine: Reflex sight to reduce recoil. ARS suppressor because it reduces recoil and it has the highest stud radius so you aren't on the radar. Stubby grip for recoil. And a green laser. 

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  • RandomGamerGuy

    Hey there folks, so I just want to create this post to share my personal opinions regarding the WA2000 sniper at rank 200.

    Every time I pick it up, i feel rather dissatisfied, and that what I think it is really shouldn't be this high rank, and I see it, simply, as a piece of high rank garbage that StyLiS can use to have people spend their robux on the game for credits in order to buy the weapon. I feel like if StyLiS buffed the WA2000, they'd be somewhat justified in the rank they chose for this particular sniper.

    Here are the reasons why I dislike the WA2000 so much:

    • bad recoil, so you aren't able to take advantage of superior firerate, especially at range
    • no one hit kill torso, so up in your face, it's next to impossible to oneshot because y…
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  • Henry45-70s rule

    Yo, what is up guys before you read this blog, click that follow button at the top of the page.

    Today we are here to talk about the Serbu shotgun. I created this blog for people like me who want to know about a gun but have literally no clue about stats.

    So in general, the Serbu shotgun is a secondary shotgun in the "other" class. It is unlocked at rank 36 or bought with credits.

    The Serbu is actually quite useful, as it is the first secondary shotgun you unlock. It is generally used by snipers who want a self defence weapon for CQC (close quarters combat".

    The magazine capacity is two, three with a shell in the firing chamber. The damage is actually decent, one shot kill (1SK) if you're close enough. But the spread. THE SPREAD



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  • SaasSalada

    Graphical Suggestions

    December 1, 2019 by SaasSalada

    Graphical Suggestions

    ● Add snow particles to certain maps, like Blizzard.

    ● More realistic blood images and system (Blood spray, spill, burst, cuts, etc).

    ● Add back Shadow Map.

    ● Physical bullet shells falling on ground (Same to ammo mags, etc).

    ● Ability to see your legs.

    ● Add the new Roblox's grass system to all possible maps.

    ● Dust and sandstorm on desert-like maps (Desert Storm, Dunes, etc).

    ● More interactive and destructible objetcs.

    ● More details (Like dust on a character's foot when touching the ground, or falling down on something, blood and bullet holes in character's corposes, etc).

    ● Better explosion effects (Add smoke, debris ground marks, etc).

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  • Sojitsu

    So, I've pretty much vanished and that's due to being overworked, but anyways.

    I'm still working on the big suggestion thing. I don't know how much longer until it comes out, but it will. 

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  • QEDAguy

    WHY G36 IS SO BAD????

    November 8, 2019 by QEDAguy

    I mean seriously, why you have to make the G36 unusable and garbage. G36 before was so much better! I got like 200 kills with the old G36 but now the G36 is trash with the remodeling and the recoil nerf and other crap. can u guys fix the g36

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  • Another Old Reichtangle

    why should i play PF?

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  • JellyOnToast8009

    Now most of us think about tactical memory as something you just do over and over but what I mean is is there a tactic that you don’t think about but you’re hands do it? Like a reflex? -Phantom Forces

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  • QEDAguy

    Plz add The p226

    October 28, 2019 by QEDAguy

    Why not add it since BF4 have it

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  • ZephystheCat

    Greetings! I will keep this short.  For the longest time I have played PF I played in the closed phases of the game paying the fee and what not and ever since the game got popular I have thought about the possibility of Phantom Forces leaving the platform and using a better engine and becoming a fully fledged indy game.  I am very curious to see what others think about the idea and what even the devs think if they see this post.

    ZephystheCat (talk) 14:41, October 18, 2019 (UTC) Zephys

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    Click, click, click....

    A single man, who appears to be in his late teens is loading a sleek, grey rifle that is almost half his height on a cliff side. This weapon is the M24 SWS, The former standard issue US Army sniper weapon system. Chambered in .308 Winchester, it has been superseded by the more modern M2010 Improved Sniper Rifle chambered in .300 Winchester magnum but even so, this rifle is still lethal out to 900 yards or further in the right hands. He stopped loading, closed the bolt, and peered through the scope.

    Below him, it was a scene right out of Middle Ages Europe. A huge battlefield with hundreds, perhaps thousands of soldiers clashing swords, spears, and shields. But at the same time, fantasy elements such as dragons, gobli…

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  • ForbiddenExceed

    Gun of the Week - AWS

    September 21, 2019 by ForbiddenExceed

    Too amazing.

    It was the first gun I really enjoyed. I had the old M145 on it and everything, and it was an absolute beast. So many easy headshots. But then everything changed.

    First off, my early experience with the AWS was with a 'borrowed' one, off an enemy I had killed. Very efficient, very quiet. It had two lasers, and the M145. So I started using the AWS, and worked my way up to that loadout. I used it for quite some time, until...

    The M145 got updated. Horrific.

    I stopped using the AWS for a long time. Switching from PM II to ACOG Scope to VCOG 6x Scope and back didn't help, and I eventually got the Ballistics Tracker for it. After that, I ruled out the ACOG Scope as I don't like non-blackscopes on bolt-actions, so that left me with the …

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  • Twinkbunsthe7th

    Through extensive testing, I have discovered that King of the Hill is one of the most enticing and most dreaded game modes ever. One point of capture, in a partially protected area, surrounded by snipers. A good team, a variety of playstyles and weapons, PLUS a good deal of teamwork is needed to truly succeed. For capturing, Assualt rifles, shotguns and PDWs, light, automatic weapons for taking down enemies one by one is good, then when you are defending, LMGs and sniper rifles excel, LMGs to mow down anyone who comes too close, in large groups, and sniper rifles to take down the opposition recons. Grenades are one of your best tools, since they do massive damage, PLUS absolutely destroy anything in its victinicty, turning campers on the h…

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  • Hybrid21

    A wise villager once said

    September 4, 2019 by Hybrid21

    Hybrid21 (talk) 01:05, September 4, 2019 (UTC)

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  • Sojitsu


    August 12, 2019 by Sojitsu

    TL;DR I'm sorry I've been gone for a while. I will try to stay up-to-date with PF, the wiki, editing, and my updating my blog. 

    Hey guys, it's me, Sojitsu. Aside from the forums like the Banning game, Corrupt-A-Wish, and Suggestions, I've pretty much been dead. I haven't done a proper edit in a long time and I haven't update my 500 kill challenge blog. Where have I gone? Have the FBI called me back to HQ? Is there another agent roaming around? 

    The answer is no. Why have I vanished? I've been going through a lot. Like most of y'all. You've been here before, having to deal with things on your own, and through this, I've learned a lot more about myself. I've learned what I am and am not capable of doing. Hopefully, you guys, whoever is reading…

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  • ForbiddenExceed

    Wonderful. Just powerfully wonderful.

    I bought this a long time ago. Like, rank 70 long ago. I used it a bit as a dropped's nice. Novelty, even. I don't really think I can main it.

    After I got the Remington 870 with Slugs, it became useless. But only after researching a bit more, resulted in the 45-70 coming back into play.

    Useful as a CQC-oriented 870 Slugs, the 45-70 is a powerful beast, that 1SKs to heads at any time, and 1SKs to torsos at close range. Amazing, right? The 5-round magazine is just fine, however, the firerate is rather...low for my liking.

    Yeah, suppressors don't really work. They either remove the 1SK to the head or the 1SK to the torso. Flash Hider only.

    I've got a C79, and most likely, I'll work my way to the M145…

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  • LinearEquation

    Just some ideas of mine. There could be three seperate factions, instead of two, and they could be based on countries.

    These countires are the major world powers in the year 2020. They are intent on spreading their ideologies, and with them, freedom, around the planet, and strongly despise each other. For context on the Phantom Forces Timeline, go here:

    The United States of America is the head member of the Alliance of Freedom (AoF), whose purpose is to "spread freedom, federalism, and democracy to all corners of the globe". The United States has a federal democratic government, and has a free enterprise (capitalist) economy.

    The United St…

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  • ForbiddenExceed

    MC51SD. The integrally suppressed G3 variant. Which I do not treat like a G3 variant. Let's get into this.

    This gun is one of those which you unlock from some rank, use it for a while, and forget about it. 100 kills on this.

    A 4SK that can be achievable by my L85A2 or L86 LSW. A magazine capacity of the G3. Sure, it is controllable...but it lacks constant suppression.

    Downtimes of the gun are mainly the reload, and low RoF. Anybody can quickly dash in, and take you out, even with a Five Seven or other weak weapon. Appalling.

    Integral suppressor? Sure. It's ok, the recoil is mild, so it has a somewhat longer effective range, but not great.

    Yeah, I guess the MC51SD didn't leave a lasting impression on me. It's in the middle of the road on all asp…

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  • BigCinncinatiTiger

    This is my first blog post. so what you need to do to make an ultimate sks god for both close range and sniping. 

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  • LinearEquation

    The history behind the three superpowers in the Phantom Forces Timeline: The United States of America, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the German Empire... For more info on the factions themselves, go here:

    It all began when Napoleon Bonaparte's coup d'etat in the French Parliament on November 9, 1799 somehow failed. Firstly, even though the Directory still collapsed, the French Consulate is not established, and anger just spreads across Parliament. Secondly, Napoleon was not able to rise to political and military power. Thus, he never became Emperor Napoleon I of the First French Empire.

    An obvious effect of that situa…

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  • ForbiddenExceed

    Yet again, it's me, back, with another GotW. Every Monday (my Mondays), I should be able to get a new one out. This time, it's a rather interesting pick—I never use it, but when I do, I perform rather well. Relatively well.

    A tiny little PDW, the MAC10 is one of the best for CQC engagements. The .45 ACP round allows it to share ammunition with quite a few other guns (half of them being PDWs, resulting in a redundant feature). Well, hey, at least it can share with the M1911s. RoF is nice, a bit high, however. At least it's still controllable.

    Actually, now that I think of it, last time I used it, that was...months ago. (Around 80 kills with it.) I barely remember the recoil pattern. In fact, all I remember is the TEC-9's recoil pattern, and how…

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  • ForbiddenExceed

    "So, this is new", you say. And it is. An idea prompt by Another Old Reichtangle resulted in a sort of 'best weapons in my opinion discussion'. However, I tend to use all weapons equally, but some more equal than others. So, I've put a random weapon every week, and generally, if I write more about it, that probably means I've used it more...? Anyway, let's get into it.

    Pretty much, I have barely used the Honey Badger. That essentially sums it all up. With an impressive range of attachments unlocked, it still doesn't seem too amazing. Probably around 400 kills at most. "But Exceed", you ask. "Why do you not use the Honey Badger?" Well, for one, the RoF is much too high for me. I prefer around 700, and at 800, you need to be able to conserver am…

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  • Aurified

    Attachments Page

    July 6, 2019 by Aurified


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  • Aurified

    Maps Page

    July 6, 2019 by Aurified


    • In the April Fools 2017 Update, Stylis Studios flipped Crane Site, Mall Construction and Highway Lot upside down (they added planks for ease of access). These three flipped maps were only compatible with Team Deathmatch.
    • In the July 4th, 2017 Update, Metro and Crane Site Revamped were removed. Metro was later re-added, however, the removal of Crane Site Revamped was confirmed to be permanent (the map is replaced with a refreshed version of the original Crane Site).
      • Desert Storm, Highway Lot, Ravod 911, and Crane Site all underwent some changes.
        • Alterations to the map design were made, with various objects such as crates being added to alter the dynamic flow of the map - crates acting as cover.
        • New posters, recoloring of buildings and other …

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  • Aurified

    Weaponry Page

    July 1, 2019 by Aurified


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  • ForbiddenExceed


    May 26, 2019 by ForbiddenExceed

    Just chucking it here so I can remember.

    - TA01, TA11 and TA33 - OKP-7, Barska, DDHB

    ~Needs to be cleaned up

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  • AWSisKing

    So for fun, I decided to make a tier list to show how I feel about each map in Phantom Forces in their current states. Keep in mind that these placements are my opinion, so don't take it too seriously.

    Let me know whether you agree or disagree with the list, I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on the various maps in this game.

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  • Infra Red Annialator


    May 21, 2019 by Infra Red Annialator
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  • Infra Red Annialator


    May 21, 2019 by Infra Red Annialator
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  • Infra Red Annialator


    May 21, 2019 by Infra Red Annialator

    This is my profile

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  • Gonzaloceballos

    What just happened,i love commenting lol

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  • PVZ GW2 Master XD

    BFG 50

    March 7, 2019 by PVZ GW2 Master XD


    • Pros
    1. High damage
    2. 50-50 for mobility
    3. Fast scope zoom in
    4. Easy tripshot
    5. Good for wallbanging

    • Cons
    1. 1 bullet in clip at a time'''''
    2. realode is time consuming
    3. 50-50 mobility

    • Damage
    1. 100->95

    • Weapon Class
    1. Sniper Rifle

    • Rank to recieve
    1. 65

    • Range
    1. 50->250

    • Weapon type loadout
    1. Primary
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  • ShadicalCZ

    hi guys

    February 17, 2019 by ShadicalCZ

    it's my first day here uwu

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    I am thinking of making a new catagory...Hacks/Exploits

    I don't know If I want to actually follow through this, though, so please expess your opinon truthfully on whether or not I should make a new Catagory



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  • BlitzFIR3A1

    Leaving PFW

    February 2, 2019 by BlitzFIR3A1

    Hello, people.

    Note: This is for community in this Wiki, which means you

    Since today, when a person has my time, wasted when in the discussions or worse, every time. WEAKENED BY THIS TIME OF THE PFW SINCE IT'S DISCRIMINATING! If you want me to respect the community and everyone and to come back to this Wiki, then do the followings.

    Majorities of people are trying my patience non-stop. Nothing else to stop, even when there's another admin or moderators. Which is discriminating.

    There are no basic senses in discussions and also people in FPW don't get that sarcasm. It always stays as it's the same but changing its friendly attributes from normal to worse.

    After the early times, I have no CHOICE but to leave this Wiki. Otherwise, I will personally R…

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  • DeletedContent

    Uzi family:

    Unlock rank: 54

    Type: PDW

    Damage: 34-21

    Range: 40-100

    Rate of Fire: 600 RPM

    Recoil: Low

    Speed: 14

    ADS Movement Speed: 10 

    Accuracy: Good

    Penetration: Same as MP5

    Ammo: 32 + 128

    Reload: Same as MAC-10

    Attachments: All regular SMG attachments

    Unique mods: 1-inch buffer (increases fire rate to 800 RPM, but reduces max damage range by half and increases recoil), 1.25-inch buffer (increases fire rate to 875 RPM, but damage drop-off starts immediately and recoil increases substantially), Grip (unique grip, acts similarly to vertical grip, but also decreases vertical recoil at cost of more torque recoil), Wooden stock (greatly decreased horizontal recoil and slightly decreased vertical recoil, but worse hipfire accuracy and reduces movement speed t…

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  • I Am Existent

    If u hit urself and it hurts, Are you weak or strong?

    I found this somewhere and i cannot stop thinking about it. Help

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  • Sjkgj

    If you would like to do your part in helping Stylis Studios, then please fill out this form once you know you have a few minutes to do so. Stylis Studios thanks all who do.

    Phantom Forces Feedback Submission and Polling

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  • Deception 44


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  • Notbfglegend

    The votekick is now easliy make people kicked from the day because the votekick system has decreased and you remember when its much and now decreased so if you wanna know why let me know

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  • MUGETZU777

    I can`t play PF anymore

    December 30, 2018 by MUGETZU777

    Since the Winter Update, my PF just keep stuck on the map loading scene, the game won`t start. I have a good internet with low ping, somehow i can`t play anymore

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  • BlitzFIR3A1

    Sup people, and today I'm gonna show you some CSS script animation text I've created, the Daek animation. Daek animation is just rugged black and white animation, so you might gonna import this to your (all wikis) for testing purposes and using this thing.

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  • Gonzaloceballos

    Remember the FAMAS is nerfed?well i hated the famas for its weird looking desing

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  • MrManIsHere

    i was close to the enemy flag, my hecate had no F ing ammo left so i had to use M93r guess what... ITS GREAT, i camped at hill for so FRICKING long with it, so many people got mad. best time of my life to be playing pf if im honest, it was basicly, "ok lets camp here now"

    then a enemy comes and looks at my old camping place then i run towards them and shoot them up,

    its so fun to use the m93r...

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    I'm just throwing this out into the blue, but what would a Tier list for all the guns in the game look like. The reason why I am just throwing this out is because Phantom Forces shouldn't be a competitive game. I am Level 93 (At time of making this), and I have many views of guns that are completley different from the general community, so I just want an honest opinion (or two, or three)

    Please feel free to comment. I just discovered this Wiki today, and I am hooked. I have so much more to learn about a bunch of attatchments/guns/tactics E.T.C

    Thank you:


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  • BlitzFIR3A1

    All about Kris Vektor

    December 9, 2018 by BlitzFIR3A1

    Kriss Vector was one of my favorite all-time-weapon. Most of the time, I use it in battles, I didn't know why people want the Kriss Vector to nerf...

    If you don't know about the Kriss Vector, Kriss Vector is a PDW(That's SMG if you are confused) and Kriss Vector is also overpowered in CQC combat. The outstanding rate of fire and damage makes the Kriss Vector strong enough to overcome the enemies, for me.

    Now, definitely, I will protect the Kriss Vector from the haters and fundamentalist critics.

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  • DankPepesXD


    I have been playing Phantom Forces for a while now, I am rank 55 in the game. I am just curious if there will be any form of equipment avaliable in the game. When I open up the tab that says "equipment" all it says is "Equipment coming in the future". All I want to know is that if equipment will ever be in the game. If so, when will it be released. I would also wish to recieve feedback from the developers to keep up to date on the progress of developing equipment. One idea I have for equipment is bulletproof vest and combat helmet. Please reply as soon as possible and have a great day. 



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  • Some Random New English Person


    November 23, 2018 by Some Random New English Person


    holds 8 rounds

    I have no idea for stats. sorry

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  • Notbfglegend

    AG-3 setups

    November 20, 2018 by Notbfglegend

    My AG-3 setups on December 1st:

    -Coyote Sight


    -Angled grip

    -Green Laser

    Also i don't use G3 because it has high recoil

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  • Some Random New English Person

    BERETTA 96

    holds 13 rounds

    +good iron sights

    +good mag size

    +fair damage

    -high level to get

    -rare ammo

    -small range

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