Reinstalls the stock to your SAWED-OFF[sic], improving camera kick recovery and reducing overall aimed kick.
–In-game description
Boom Stock



Attachment Type Other
Kills Required 1000
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The Boom Stock is an attachment available exclusively to the Sawed Off. It requires 1000 kills, or it can be purchased with credits.


Sawed-off shotguns have been a favorite concealed firearm for criminals and irregular forces. Their compact size and inherently powerful crowd control capabilities make them a powerful choice for most close-quarters combat. However, to be truly concealable, sawed-off shotguns generally have their buttstock removed, leaving only a simple pistol grip. Double-barreled shotguns that only have their barrels sawed off are often referred to as "coach guns," due to their popularity with guards onboard stagecoaches.


General Information

The Boom Stock, while partly being an aesthetic choice, provides a small boost to aimed camera recoil recovery and reduces its kick. Hipfire camera kick speed is also improved slightly.

Usage & Tactics

The Boom Stock provides a small boost to weapon stability while aiming down the sights. Normally this would be beneficial for a more accurate shot, however, the Sawed-Off has an incredibly wide pellet spread already. A standard laser, unlike the Boom Stock, reduces the physical model's kick as well as improving hipfire stability all around.


In conclusion, the Boom Stock provides a cosmetic addition that is also practical at the same time. The reduced recoil bonus only applies when aimed down the sights, but for those who quickly snap in and out of ADS to tighten up pellet spread, the Boom Stock provides no mobility penalties and better recovery.


  • The "Boom" seen on the side of the stock is a reference to the video game Doom, with the font used for the "Boom" being almost identical to the type used in the logo for the Doom series.
  • The Boom Stock originally only raised the alternate aim height slightly. At some point, this was changed.


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