Shortened barrel for the CTAR Variant of the Tar-21[sic]
–In-game description
CTAR Barrel
CTAR Barrel angled
Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 0
Note Sets range to 60->110

Sets velocity to 2500
Sets hipfire spread to 0.09 (from 0.12)
Sets hipfire damping to 0.70 (from 0.60)
Sets to-aim speed to 16 (from 14)
Sets aim walkspeed to 11.9 (from 8.4)

The CTAR Barrel is an Israeli Barrel attachment. It is initially unlocked for the TAR-21.


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General Information

The CTAR Barrel trades some of the TAR-21's most outstanding features, its muzzle velocity and range, for a more close quarters oriented playstyle.

Usage & Tactics

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Coming Soon.

Pros & Cons


  • Greatly improves agility while aimed down sights.
  • Improves aiming speed.
  • Improves hipfire performance.


  • Reduces range.
  • Reduces muzzle velocity.
  • Occupies the Barrel slot - impossible to suppress or improve recoil control with.


  • The CTAR Barrel is the only attachment that changes a gun's displayed name. However, when listed alongside other assault rifles, the weapon will still be listed as the TAR-21.



Optics Primary

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Barrel Flash and Sound Suppression

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Recoil Management

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Barrel Modification

CTAR Barrel - Extended Barrel

Underbarrel Grips

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Other Aiming Aids

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Backup Sights

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Ammo Regular Ammunition

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