Assault Rifles are select-fire weapons that use intermediate rifle cartridges from a detachable magazine. Assault Rifles are exclusively available to the Assault Class.
  • The AK12 gun model in-game.
  • The AN-94 gun model in-game.
  • The AS VAL gun model in-game.
  • The SCAR-L gun model in-game.
  • The AUG A1 gun model in-game.
  • The M16A4 gun model in-game.
  • The G36 gun model in-game.
  • The M16A3 gun model in-game.
  • The AUG A2 gun model in-game.
  • The FAMAS gun model in-game.
  • The AK47 gun model in-game.
  • The AUG A3 gun model in-game.
  • The L85A2 gun model in-game.
  • The HK416 gun model in-game.
  • The AK74 gun model in-game.
  • The AKM gun model in-game.
  • The AK103 gun model in-game.
  • The Tar-21 gun model in-game.
  • The M231 gun model in-game.
  • The G11K2 gun model in-game.


The first assault rifle ever created was the German Sturmgewehr 44, which was made during World War II to meet the needed demands for modern warfare. The assault rifle featured the first ever intermediate powered cartridge, allowing the weapon to deliver a much more controllable automatic fire at the cost of a smaller range, which performed better at close range engagements, but still retained the accuracy of a rifle. These traits gave the Sturmgewehr users an edge over the other weapons during that time, as the generic battle was fought in a range around 400 meters and required a controllable and fast rate of fire (RoF).[1]

The Soviets were inspired by the German's Sturmgewehr during World War II which resulted in the Soviets creating their own version of the Sturmgewehr. Shortly after World War II, a Russian weapon designer and soldier by the name Mikhali Kalashnikov created the plans to create the AK-47, the Soviet's first assault rifle. This weapon would become the most well-known and common assault rifle in the world. After the AK-47, other countries would recognize the importance of assault rifles, and many more would be made, such as the FAMAS, M16A2 and AUG A1.


General Information

Assault Rifles sport the most well-rounded stats for any weapon in the game. Assault Rifles, in most cases, are accustomed to deal with a large array of different situations and events, making Assault Rifles a jack-of-all-trade kind of weapon. Therefore, Assault Rifles are the best weapon to equip if one wishes to engage the enemy in a large selection of different strategies, and react to a vast array of different threats. However, Assault Rifles do not possess stats which specialize in a certain field, so these weapons may not perform as well against certain weapons meant to operate well in a certain field.

Although Assault Rifles generally sport all-around stats, certain Assault Rifles may have stats that allow the weapon to perform in a specific situation better than it would in a different situation. Examples include the RoF which affect the weapon’s time to kill (TTK), and the hip and sight accuracy, which affects how well a certain will perform in different ranges. Therefore, players will be able to select weapons that will be able to perform relatively well for a selected strategy while still retaining the versatility of an Assault Rifle.

Usage & Tactics

Since Assault Rifles sport very balanced stats which have no immediate weakness, it is best to use Assault Rifles in a position where the user can easily change strategies and react to different situations. Due to their non-dominant nature, it is unwise to attempt to engage with an enemy who has a weapon that is better suited for a certain range or situation, such as trying to engage with a Sniper Rifle user at long range or a PDW user in close quarters combat (CQC). Instead, an Assault Rifle user should try to engage with an enemy outside of their comfort zone, to where their selected weapon would not perform as well in that certain situation.


Due to the versatility and balanced nature, Assault Rifles serve as the backbone of an effective team. When using Assault Rifles, remember to use the weapon's versatility against the enemy, to where you can bring the enemy outside of their comfort zone and effectively kill the enemy. Otherwise, since Assault Rifles do not excel in any certain strategy or situation, Assault Rifle users may find it much more difficult to deal with an enemy that is in their ideal environment or position.


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Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

AK12 - AN-94 - AS VAL - SCAR-L - AUG A1 - M16A4 - G36
M16A3 - AUG A2 - FAMAS F1 - AK47 - AUG A3 - L85A2
HK416 - AK74 - AKM - AK103 - TAR-21 - M231 - G11K2

Personal Defense Weapons

MP5K - UMP45 - G36C - MP7 - MAC10 - P90 - MP5
Colt SMG 633 - L2A3 - MP5SD - MP10 - MP5/10 - Uzi - M3A1
AUG A3 Para - PPSh-41 - FAL Para Shorty - Kriss Vector
MP40 - X95 SMG - Tommy Gun

Light Machine Guns

Colt LMG - M60 - AUG HBAR - MG36 - RPK12 - L86 LSW - RPK

Sniper Rifles

Intervention - Remington 700 - Dragunov SVU - AWS - BFG 50
AWM - TRG-42 - Mosin Nagant - Dragunov SVDS - Hecate II
M107 - Steyr Scout - WA2000


M4A1 - G36K - M4 - L22 - SCAR PDW - AKU12 - Groza-1
AK12C - Honey Badger - SR-3M - Groza-4 - MC51SD
FAL 50.63 Para - 1858 Carbine - AK105 - Jury - KAC SRR
X95R - HK51B

Designated Marksman Rifles

MK11 - SKS - SL-8 - VSS Vintorez - MSG90 - Beowulf TCR

Battle Rifles

Beowulf ECR - SCAR-H - AK12BR - G3 - AG-3 - Henry 45-70
FAL 50.00


KSG-12 - Remington 870 - DBV12 - KS-23M - Saiga-12
Stevens DB - AA-12 - SPAS-12

Secondary Weapons Pistols

M9 - G17 - M1911 - Desert Eagle L5 - M45A1 - Five Seven
ZIP 22 - Desert Eagle XIX

Machine Pistols

G18 - 93R - TEC-9 - Micro Uzi - MP1911


MP412 REX - Mateba 6 - 1858 New Army - Redhawk 44
Judge - Executioner


Serbu Shotgun - SFG 50 - Sawed Off - Saiga-12U - Obrez

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