Barrel attachments are a category of attachments in Phantom Forces. They are comprised of Muzzle Devices and Flash and Sound Suppressors. They are located in the Barrel section underneath Attachments. 

These attachments are unsurprisingly attached to the barrel of a user's weapon. Their abilities depend on the selected barrel. The following list is of some properties a barrel attachement possesses: reduce recoil, remove muzzle flash, reduce firing sound and not appearing on the minimap whilst firing.

Barrel attachments are not available on some weapons, such as Integrally Suppressed Weapons, as they already feature a suppressor as the barrel and therefore can not accommodate a barrel attachment.

Some weapons cannot attach specific attachments. The Revolvers, L115A3 and others cannot attach Suppressors. Most secondary weapons only have the American suppressors available and not the Russian ones.

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