Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs) are high powered, semi-automatic rifles. DMRs can only be used by the Scout and Recon class.


Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR) are rifles used by designated marksmen. Designated Marksmen usually bridge the gap between a regular rifleman and a sniper. The DMRs were designed with that in mind. Most DMRs are usually semi automatic, unlike sniper rifles which are usually bolt action. They usually have larger magazines than their sniper rifle counterparts.[1]


General Information

Designated Marksman Rifles are medium-to-long range rifles, bridging the gap between Sniper Rifles and Battle Rifles. Sporting relatively high damage, although not as lethal as a sniper rifle, most DMRs can 1-shot-kill (1SK) to the head within close-to-medium ranges, barring the MK11, SKS, SL-8 and VSS Vintorez. Unfortunately, no DMR can achieve a 1SK at the end of its damage dropoff, therefore reducing the long range capability. Furthermore, none can compete with a sniper rifle's muzzle velocity of 3000 studs/s, barring the MSG90 and SCAR SSR.

Most DMRs can equip high-powered optics, like those used on sniper rifles, such as the PM II on the SCAR SSR, and the PSO-1 Scope on the Vintorez. With this, DMRs can become more like sniper rifles, however, they will not be able to perform as well at closer ranges.

DMR walkspeed is relatively slow, however, it is not as slow as most sniper rifles. A more mobile class, compared to the sniper rifles, equates to swiftly eliminating targets and changing position. With a higher rate-of-fire (RoF) than a sniper rifle, a DMR can easily fire one or two more follow-up shots in the scenario that one originally missed, while sniper rifles may need to chamber another round.

Usage & Tactics

See also: Community DMR Strategy

Designated Marksman rifles perform optimally in medium-range engagements, and less favourably in long-range combat. Close-quarters-combat (CQC) should be avoided, however, defending oneself in CQC is more viable than with a sniper rifle.

As stated before, no DMR can score a 1SK to the head at long ranges, limiting versatility. Even though the headshot may come very close to killing a target (e.g. 96 damage dealt to the head with the SCAR SSR at maximum range), it is not recommended to fire on enemies beyond the maximum damage dropoff range. Unless the user can fire a follow-up shot, or the target is already damaged, one may find that the target will be able to escape.

Being a more mobile form of sniper, a DMR user has more maneuverability than a sniper rifle, allowing evasive tactics that would not normally be achievable on a regular sniper rifle. It is recommended to fire several shots, and move to another area, as a stationary target will be an easy kill for countersnipers. If moving areas is not available, or highly risky, one may be able to hold off oncoming enemies with the DMR, as its fast firerate and possible ability to 1SK to the head at minimum ranges make it a viable option for eliminating rushes. However, a useable secondary is advised, preferably a high-firerate weapon, such as a Machine Pistol.

All Designated Marksman Rifles will default to using Iron Sights when unlocked, however, as stated earlier, some may have access to high-powered optics by default. A toggleable sight is recommended, such as the TA33 ACOG, or the VCOG 6x Scope. This allows close-to-medium range combat, and longer-range combat more of an option.


With a Designated Marksman Rifle, one should place themselves in front of a sniper's position, but behind the front lines. With a more aggressive approach than a sniper rifle, the DMR is more of an all-rounder when coming to sniping. Faster firerate and higher mobility make up for the inability to 1SK at long ranges, furthermore, a CQC engagement can be tackled more suitably than a sniper rifle, but not as well as any other weapon. Henceforth, a DMR is a hard-hitting firearm that can be more involved in the fight, but cannot cope well with short ranges.


Primary Weapons

Assault Rifles

AK12 - AN-94 - AS VAL - SCAR-L - AUG A1 - M16A4 - G36
M16A3 - AUG A2 - FAMAS G2 - AK47 - AUG A3 - L85A2
HK416 - AK74 - AKM - AK103 - TAR-21 - M231 - G11K2

Personal Defense Weapons

MP5K - UMP45 - G36C - MP7 - MAC10 - P90 - MP5
Colt SMG 635 - L2A3 - MP5SD - MP10 - MP5/10 - Uzi - M3A1
AUG A3 Para - PPSh-41 - FAL Para Shorty - Kriss Vector
MP40 - X95 SMG - Tommy Gun

Light Machine Guns

Colt LMG - M60 - AUG HBAR - MG36 - RPK12 - L86 LSW - RPK

Sniper Rifles

Intervention - Remington 700 - Dragunov SVU - AWS - BFG 50
AWM - TRG-42 - Mosin Nagant - Dragunov SVDS - Hecate II
M107 - Steyr Scout - WA2000


M4A1 - G36K - M4 - L22 - SCAR PDW - AKU12 - Groza-1
AK12C - Honey Badger - SR-3M - Groza-4 - MC51SD
FAL 50.63 Para - 1858 Carbine - AK105 - Jury - KAC SRR
X95R - HK51B

Designated Marksman Rifles

MK11 - SKS - SL-8 - VSS Vintorez - MSG90 - Beowulf TCR

Battle Rifles

Beowulf ECR - SCAR-H - AK12BR - G3 - AG-3 - Henry 45-70
FAL 50.00


KSG-12 - Remington 870 - DBV12 - KS-23M - Saiga-12
Stevens DB - AA-12 - SPAS-12

Secondary Weapons Pistols

M9 - G17 - M1911 - Desert Eagle L5 - M45A1 - Five Seven
ZIP 22 - Desert Eagle XIX

Machine Pistols

G18 - M93R - TEC-9 - Micro Uzi - MP1911


MP412 REX - Mateba 6 - 1858 New Army - Redhawk 44
Judge - Executioner


Serbu Shotgun - SFG 50 - Sawed Off - Saiga-12U - Obrez

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