The Integrally Suppressed Weapons category are a group of various types of weapons that all have a built-in Suppressor.


An integrally suppressed weapon is a weapon that has a suppressor built into the weapon and is thus a part of it (hence the term 'integral'). The design of such suppressors is usually an expansion chamber/s that surrounds the barrel, which has openings or "ports" to allow gas to escape into the chamber/s. Due to being apart of the firearm, the maintenance of the suppressor requires the weapon to be partly disassembled.


Just like any weapon equipped with a suppressor, when firing an integrally suppressed weapon, the player is invisible on the minimap and the weapon's muzzle flash is removed. They also sport similar traits to suppressed weapons, having worse muzzle velocity, bullet drop and range when compared to non-suppressed weapons. Before the new suppressor mechanics, these weapons typically had higher muzzle velocity when compared to normal weapons with suppressors attached, however, since suppressors now take a percentage of the muzzle velocity instead of capping it at a certain value, these weapons' muzzle velocity are average or worse.

Integrally suppressed weapons also tend to preserve damage better than their non-suppressed counterparts, an example being MP5SD having the same shots-to-kill (STK) requirement as the MP5 unsuppressed. Although it has worse muzzle velocity and range than the regular MP5, compared to an MP5 with a suppressor it is better in damage.

One key downside of integrally suppressed weapons are that they cannot accept barrel attachments. Although one usually uses such weapons because of their suppressed nature and are willing to sacrifice the inability to equip a Compensator or a Muzzle Brake, it does mean recoil is less reducible, with only grips being able to help in this area.


Currently, there are seven Integrally Suppressed weapons in Phantom Forces:

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