Attachments that aid the weapon when aiming down sights (ADS). Their main focus is to change the sight picture and field of view (FoV), and to aid the user with bullet drop compensation.

There are also many types of optics, from iron sights to red dot sights to high-power scopes, and they come in a variety of magnifications, from 1x, which is the same for hipfiring, 2x for most standard red dot sights, providing an improvement over just hipfiring, to 10x in the form of sniper scopes, and even an extremely powerful 40x optic.

Upon reaching 200 kills with an optic, one will be given the option to adjust the sight reticle color in "Sight Color Customization". Using RGB sliders from 0 to 255, any color can be chosen, though it should be noted that some colors are more effective than others for certain situations.

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