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This is a change log of all changes that have been made to Phantom Forces. This main page currently displays all changes for Version 5. Use the tabs at the top of the article to switch between the various major versions of the game. Use the Contents menu to zero in on a specific update. Use Control + F to search for a specific term.

How to know the version of your server

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When you start a game, look in the bottom right corner of the game's screen. You can easily see the current version of your server. Sometimes the new and old versions will run at the same time on different servers, and at other times the developers will perform a full shutdown to ensure that new servers are in circulation.

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Update Log


Bug Fixes - 9/4/2021

  • Attempted to fix CTF drop time.
  • Fixed maps clipping into the lobby.
  • Fixed rounding error with leaderboard KDR.
  • Fixed pagination on the /maps and /modes commands.
  • Votekick now gives back the filtered reason if your reason was filtered.


Bug Fixes - 3/4/2021

  • Bug fixes.


Bug Fixes - 2/4/2021

  • Reverted April Fools Update.
  • Reverted Double XP.


Friendship Forces Update

  • Temporary playground themed map pool by various contributors
    • Full list found here
  • Updated 3D vest uniforms for player models
  • New map: HEIGHT (by shaylan007)
  • New Melees:
    • HAVOC BLADE - Rank 100+ only - One Handed Blade (by Threadripperr)
    • LINKED SWORD - Rank 199 unlock - One Handed Blade (by Willow)
  • Re-added shotgun Doom-style alt aim (Press T to toggle aiming modes)
  • G36 family alt aim modified when attaching optics mounted on top of default scope
  • Creator case skin updated with new textures and more skin options
  • Hidden certain special unlock melee weapons from menu to avoid clutter
    • TOY GUN
  • Model revamps to certain melee weapons
    • ICE PICK
  • Full weapon balance details can be found here


Bug Fixes - 28/3/2021

  • Fixed a bug in MMR scoring.
  • Fixed warehouse not showing up in rotation.
  • New setting "Enable Muzzle Effects".


Double XP Week - 27/3/2021

  • Double XP to April 4th 2021.


Bug Fixes - 13/3/2021

  • Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes - 7/3/2021

  • Fixed a race condition regarding networking that caused the client to unknowingly receive and discard map voting information and daily reward info.
  • Fixed a issue with resetting a class to defaults semi-corrupting player data. Users affected by this will have their data automatically rectified.


Bug Fixes - 27/2/2021

  • Bug fix / minor feature update.
  • QoL changes with how the client handles the spawning routine. Should be visually seamless now.
  • New setting "Sprint acts as toggle" should be self-explanatory.
  • Various performance improvements and internal changes.


Bug Fixes - 12/2/2021

  • Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes - 7/2/2021

  • Votekick Fix.


Bug Fixes - 7/2/2021

  • Bug Fixes.
  • MVP now get credits for wining a round


Bug Fixes - 1/2/2021

  • Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes - 27/1/2021

  • Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes - 20/1/2021

  • Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes - 18/1/2021

  • Bug Fixes.


Bug Fixes - 13/1/2021

  • Bug Fixes.


Double XP Week - 12/1/2021

  • will give double EXP until 19/1/2021 for 1 billion visits


  • Map pool returned to normal non-holiday themed states
  • Added experimental helmets for player models (no influence on bullet hitboxes)
  • Map changes
    • Crane Site: Revamp has been added to the regular map pool
    • Suburbia: Slightly altered layout based on a submission from Hal
  • Content Additions:
    • Creator Case: More content creator skins added
    • Meme 2 Case: New / special skin added
  • More in game tips and end of round quotes added! More to come in the future
  • Fixed a misinformed in game tip regarding the amount of kills needed to unlock sniper scopes


New Years Update 2021

  • New Weapons
    • HK417 (Rank 78 - Battle Rifle)
    • SKORPION VZ.61 (Rank 87 - Machine Pistol)
    • GB-22 (Rank 99 - Pistol)
    • ARM PISTOL (Rank 110 - Machine Pistol)
    • CLONKER (Rank 50 - 1H Blunt)
      • Model originally by Wolfdawgz
    • TOY GUN (Case unlock - 1H Blunt)
    • WARHAMMER (Case unlock - 2H Blunt)
      • Model originally by Threadripperr
  • New Content
    • Creator Case (Tier 5)
      • A case featuring some of your favorite content creators will grow with each update to the main game
      • Not every content creator is featured, but they might be in the future!
  • Minor balance changes
      • Oil filter should not show up twice now
    • SPAS 12
      • Pump action attachment no longer affects crosshair size
  • General changes
    • Holiday maps have been voted to stay one more week, enjoy the snow before it all melts!
    • Soldiers and Frag Grenades have returned to normal attire.
    • Touched up the spelling / grammar of in game tips and end of round quotes.
    • Some new in game tips and end game quotes!
    • Added the ability to get skins for limited time melees if you own them
    • Raised max FoV to 120 as there seems to be no more complications with going over the maximum limit of 120


  • Winter Update 2020
  • New Korean weapon family!
    • K2 - Assault Rifle (Rank 42)
    • K1A - Carbine (Rank 63)
    • K7 - PDW (Rank 84)
    • K14 - Sniper Rifle (Rank 138)
  • New Hardpoint game mode!
  • New winter themed map rotation!
  • New melee weapons! (Candy Cane, Holiday Tea, Icemourne, Krampus Kurki)
  • Many other small content additions and balances changes!
    • Detailed change log here by MarDemon1
  • Internal bug fixes
    • Fixed bug that accidentally unregulated replication updates, potentially could of caused network issues for people with low bandwidth.
    • Replace the client side run module with OrderedTaskRunner
    • Deduplicated some verification checks
  • Minor changes
    • Added functionality to define objectives by volume instead of a singular point
    • More fine tuning tweaks to the spawn weights
    • Kill notification name colors now match the victim's team color


  • New maps in rotation: Industry, Laboratory, Mall Revamp, Rust Belt, Farmlands!
  • Layout and aesthetic improvements to many maps
  • More adjustments to spawning algorithm
  • General weapon balancing changes
  • Added 1v1 Maps for VIP servers:
    • Bazaar 1v1
    • Desert Storm 1v1
    • Mall 1v1
    • Mall Revamp 1v1
  • Detailed change log here by MarDemon1


Halloween Update 2020

  • Halloween theme maps and characters!
  • New PP-19 Bizon!
  • New Krinkov (AK PDW)!
  • New M79 Thumper!
  • New Type 88 Assault Rifle!
  • New grip attachments!
  • New skin cases!
  • Many new special community-made melee weapons!
  • Many weapon balance changes and general fixes!
    • Fully documented change log here by MarDemon1


Independance Update 2020

  • New C7A2! (Canadian M16A3)
  • New HK51B! (Carbine LMG hybrid)
  • New Canada Skin Case!
  • Many new melee weapons!
  • Many new weapon attachment additions!
  • WIP sight color customization released to public (200 kills to unlock on a sight)
    • Dev Notes: Still in a very early beta testing stage. The feature was put in hiatus after not having an immediate solution to handle iron sights that don't have image reticles. Now the decision is to simply ignore iron sight optics and release it in the state they were in. The feature is still very barebones for now, but at least we'll let players do some basic coloring on the sight reticle. There are still many quality of life UI changes that need to be done to fully polish it in the future.
  • Variety of weapon balance changes and general fixes
  • Fully documented change log here by MarDemon1


  • Framework restructure is in progress for longevity
    • Should result in better performance in the future
  • gamesettings command is temporarily removed
    • A replacement for this command is forthcoming
  • Fixed ragdolls functioning oddly
  • Fixed votekick GUI hanging in the main menu
  • VIP servers now have every weapon and attachment unlocked by default.
  • Reorganized some settings
  • Miscellaneous fixes
  • Many more internal changes
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