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This is an archive of all changes made in Version 2.

Version 2


Knife animation revamp

  • New knife animation system for better independent arm motions and streamlining adding new knives in the future
    • New holding position for the default Knife
    • New inspection animations that can be more flexible
    • Knives are now welded to a specified arm directly, arms move independently of each other
      • Previous system had both arms welded to the knife, moving knife had also moved both arms together awkwardly
  • Fixed third person model for Machete
  • TDM Warehouse now uses a separate more compact version of the map
    • Added ability to swap out different versions of the same map for various game modes
  • New lighter uniforms by Mardemon1 
    • Character model in the menu now accurately reflects the uniform of your current team 
  • Improved and fixed various sniper scope reticles 
  • Updated sound effects for AK series, AUG series, Henry 45-70, KS-23M, and Intervention
  • Fixed lasers not appearing while in scope
  • Added experimental FoV slider
  • Internal security patches


  • Fixed an issue where enabling materials on the P90's magazine slot breaks spawning


Camo system update

  • Materials are now finally supported on gun camos when you enable them (may result in framerate drops for slower PCs)
  • Texture stretching will only work when materials are enabled
  • New BrickColor selection options for editing camo skins, including RGB color sliders and the standard brick color palette
  • New Texture Color selection option for non-black camo skins (has no effect on black textured skins)
  • Updated image reticles for sniper scopes

2.1.3 - 2.1.5

  • Internal patches
  • Addressed some problematic lighting and physics issues on maps
  • Fixed a bug where players could break their own HUD by spawning too fast
  • Attempted a fix for dying on spawn
  • Fixed the attachment kick bug


  • Attempt to fix an issue that kicks Mac players with no reason


  • New method of rendering bullets to reduce lag enabled by default
    • Enable "Trey Particles" in the menu to return using the old tracer bullets
  • Adjusted suppressor damage modifiers for certain sniper rifles
  • Dragunov SVU headshot multiplier dropped to 1.8
  • Patched a credits bug


  • New Henry 45-70 lever-action rifle (classified as a battle rifle in-game) at rank 96
  • New KS-23M pump action shotgun at rank 56
  • Re-added attachment descriptions to the menu
  • Advanced stats now update according to attachments equipped
  • Dragunov SVU changes:
    • Removed its built-in suppressor stat
    • Buffed muzzle velocity to 3000
    • Faster ADS time for non-scoped sights
  • Shotgun changes:
    • Slight decrease in KSG12's aimed pellet spread from 2.2 to 2.1
    • Slight increase in damage drop range for both Remington 870 and KSG12
    • Pump action shotguns in scoped sights (VCOG) require unaiming in order to cycle the next pumped shot
  • Re-added Metro into map rotation, awaiting for progress on a remake before making any further actions
  • Centered hitmarker on screen for alternate aiming modes that do not use sights
  • Fixed Colt LMG sights
  • Slightly faster re-aiming time for guns involving a bolt cycling/pump action animation (Mosin Nagant, shotguns, ect)


Suppressor Revamp

  • Suppressor changes
    • Removed the relevance of the "hide range" stat from every suppressor. All suppressors will hide you from enemy radar perfectly regardless of how close you are
    • Each suppressor will no longer rely on bullet velocity multipliers for each gun. Instead, they will be hard setting the bullet velocity to a specific value regardless of the gun being used.
    • More clearly defined ballistic guidelines of each suppressor
      • lower bullet velocity = less damage penalty up close, more damage penalty over distance
      • higher bullet velocity = more damage penalty up close, less damage penalty over distance
    • lighter suppressor
      • lower bullet velocity -> shorter range shooting
      • requires slower bullet rounds to keep it suppressed
    • heavier suppressor
      • higher bullet velocity -> further range shooting
      • can have faster bullet rounds and still be suppressed
    • NOTE: Attachment descriptions should be coming back to the menu soon so that all of this information is displayed.
  • Fixed squad spawn bonus points
  • Added alt firing modes to M9, M1911, G17, TEC-9, and M93R
  • MG36 max damage dropped from 31 to 30, min damage dropped from 25 to 23


  • Attempt to fix an issue with getting kicked after purchasing an attachment and losing credits
  • Fixed bullet penetration system to work more consistently
  • Minor gun balancing
    • Intervention max damage dropped from 90 to 85
    • L115A3 max damage dropped from 85 to 82
    • Colt LMG slightly increased reload time, more z-axis recoil when aiming
    • AWS bullet speed reduced from 3000 to 2000
    • MG36 min damage raised from 20 to 25, maximum damage raised from 29 to 31
    • MAC10 min damage reduced from 22 to 19, slightly increased gun recoil
    • SFG 50 random ADS spread slightly reduced
  • New reload animation for AWM and AWS
  • New alt firing modes for all LMGs and G18 (press T to toggle)
  • Fixed an issue with bolt action snipers not actually lining up in scope after cycling through the first round
  • Removed a heavy recursive search function that generated lag spikes every second
  • MP412 REX no longer plays the dropped shell sound when firing


Tag Update

  • Enabled ability for users to buy custom tags
  • Minor fixes on tag saving


  • Fixed sniper scope cycling animation
  • Disabled HD sounds by default to reduce lag issues for most players


July 4th/Independence Day Update

  • Audio updates
    • Every gun has been rebalanced, resounded, and remastered
    • Significantly improved audio feedback
    • New sound effects
  • Map updates
  • Weaponry changes
  • UI changes
    • Improved the HUD to be more visually appealing and more user friendly.
  • General gameplay changes
    • Tweaked starter loadouts for new players so that they are more friendly.
    • Redone spotting system that should encourage teamwork.
    • "In Combat" status for squad spawning that should prevent squad bombs and post-death team spawns.
    • Teammates will not collide with each other.
    • Suppression has been changed and tweaked to perform better.
    • The damage indicator has been removed and replaced with a more accurate and more balanced camera pull system.
  • Misc
    • Data should save more reliably and handle better, resulting in faster loading times.
    • Bug fixes
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