A heavy butcher knife intended to hack through tough bone, such as in the preparation of meat. Faster swing time.
–In-game description

The Cleaver is a One-handed Blade melee weapon. It is unlocked by rolling a LEGENDARY while opening a case.


A cleaver is a large knife that varies in its shape, but usually resembles a rectangular-bladed hatchet.

It is largely used as a kitchen or butcher knife intended to hack through sinew and small bones. However, the cleaver cannot cut through strong bones and marrow - a dedicated bonesaw is used for this purpose. This is due to how a cleaver is constructed - its blade is thicker, and its metal better suited for surviving multiple blows. A sharp edge would cause the blade to shatter if it encountered a bone it could not cut. Asian countries use thinner cleaver as multi purpose knife, like a chief knife.


General Information

The Cleaver is a balanced melee weapon that can be used in quick defensive maneuvers and offensive maneuvers in situations such as running out of ammunition.

Usage and Tactics

Since the Cleaver has a low blade range, the attack times compensate for this. However, the user may find themselves defeated by other melee weapons quite often, and often times they will not be instantly defeating enemies.

Using this melee aggressively is usually not the best option due to the low damage, but if the user can make it through gunfire from close range, the user can quickly slash again if they don't take the target down the first attack.


If the user does not emphasize melee too much in their gameplay, the Cleaver is not very different from other melee weapons, but if they need a quick backup that can slash repeatedly, the Cleaver is very suitable. Because of the relatively high walkspeed, this weapon is great for getting places quickly or if under fire. As such, the Cleaver can be seen as one of the most versatile melees, with balanced speed and damage, much like the Machete.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick slash speed.
  • Highest walkspeed in-game.


  • Somewhat low range.


  • The Cleaver, along with the Tactical Spatula and Frying Pan, are the only 3 melee weapons in-game that are kitchenware.
    • The Knife and Hunting Knife are both intended for survival or other specialized purposes, which does not make them kitchenware.
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