Construction Site was a map in the Test Place. It was based on Crane Site, and was used to add more cover from sniper sightlines, as well as balance the playing field slightly more, centering the crane to make sure it was accessible to both teams. It resulted in the addition of certain pieces to Crane Site, such as the walkway between the parking garage and the office, as well as extra scaffolding in the construction area.

The map was removed from the Test Place at an unknown date(Needs to be more specific).


Construction Site consists of many buildings under construction that can be found on Crane Site, along with extra buildings similar to Mirage and Crane Site Revamped. The cranes are the standard crane found on the original map, as well as a crane taken from Rig.


Construction Site is a relatively small map that consists of a crane, multiple buildings under construction, construction equipment and debris/broken equipment. The Construction Site map is located in the middle of nowhere, just like the regular Crane Site and Crane Site Revamped.


Due to the abundance of cover in the form of debris scattered across the floor, and the additional walls in the unfinished buildings, playing a CQC class is fairly easy, especially when compared to the original Crane Site.


  • This map has some differences from the original Crane Site:
    • It features cabins in the spawns which can also be seen on Dunes.
    • The crane was moved from the garage to near the parking lot.
    • The gas station was moved to be near the parking lot.
    • The sniping spots were moved to be behind the parking lot.
    • Added pipelines near the constructed building.
    • Changed all of the tanks and trees.
    • Broken floors on the parking lot.
    • Addition of industrial buildings around the spawn areas of the map, with crates and trucks.
  • This map was made by Jakein8r, one of the creators of the map Rig and the original Black Site.
  • This map was added to the Test Place along with the map Black Site.
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