Phantom Forces Wiki

This is a page detailing all of the controls in Phantom Forces, to allow people to familiarize themselves with Phantom Forces' controls. This is an up-to-date (as of 12 October 2019) list, featuring all controls used with the mouse and keyboard.

Controller Layout

XboxOneController PF.png
XboxOneController PF Menu.png


Function Keyboard/Mouse Controller Notes
Move WASD Control LeftStick All.svg
Look Move mouse Control RightStick All.svg
Sprint Double-tap W

Hold ⇧ Shift

Press Control LeftStick Neutral.svg Sprinting never expires, and forces standing up.
Jump Space Control X1 FaceA.svg Use when crouched/prone to stand up.
Crouch C Control X1 FaceB.svg Press again while crouching to stand.

Press while prone to crouch.

Switch Stance X N/A Toggles between stand and crouch.
Prone Cx2 OR ^ Ctrl Control X1 FaceB.svg x2 Press C while standing to crouch.

Press again while crouched to go prone.
Press C or X while prone to crouch.
Press Ctrl while standing to go prone (cannot use to stand.)

Stand Z Press Control X1 FaceA.svg until standing Press Z while crouching or prone to stand.
Slide ⇧ Shift + C After pressing Control LeftStick Neutral.svg, Control X1 FaceB.svg Must be sprinting.

Slides can be performed omnidirectionally.
Release sprint and then immediately
slide while walking in a direction.

Dive ⇧ Shift + Z After pressing Control LeftStick Neutral.svg, Control LeftBumper.svg Must be sprinting.


Function Keyboard/Mouse Controller Notes
Fire LMB Control TriggerRT.svg
Melee Primary Fire LMB Press Control RightStick Neutral.svg
Melee Alt-Fire RMB Control TriggerRT.svg Only applies when holding melees.

With controller, RT is used.


Tap Q (toggle)

Control TriggerLT.svg
Alternate Aim Point Tap T (toggle) Control DPad Left.svg
Steady Weapon ⇧ Shift Control DPad Up.svg while


Only functions on scopes that can be steadied

(e.g. sniper scopes, VCOG 6x.)

Reload R Control X1 FaceX.svg Can be cancelled by firing unless magazine is empty.

Tube magazine weapons can cancel at any time.

Switch Firemode V Control DPad Right.svg
Grenade G Control RightBumper.svg Press to immediately throw a grenade.

Press and hold to cook a grenade, release to throw.

To cancel, quick melee or equip any weapon.

Quick Melee F Press Control RightStick Neutral.svg Hold to equip melee after finishing the attack.

While a melee is held, this functions as FIRE.

Spot Enemy E Control LeftBumper.svg See Spotting System for details.

Cannot be sprinting on console.

Inspect H Control DPad Up.svg Can be cancelled by aiming or firing.
Switch Weapon 1, 2, 3

Scroll Wheel


Control X1 FaceY.svg

Control RightStick Neutral.svg

1: Select primary

2: Select secondary

3: Select melee

The scroll wheel is only for primary/secondary.

Hold F to select melee.

On controller:

Control X1 FaceY.svg toggles between primary/secondary.
Hold Control RightStick Neutral.svg to select melee.

Pick Up Weapon Hold V Hold Control DPad Right.svg


Function Keyboard/Mouse Controller Notes
Suicide/Reset F5 N/A Instantly kills the player, counting as a death,

ending any active killstreaks.

In the test place, kills and then instantly
returns to the menu.

Legacy function:
After 5 seconds, return the player to the menu.
No death occurs.

View Leaderboard Tab ↹ Control X1 Share.svg Toggled on and off.
Roblox Menu ⎋ Esc Control X1 Menu.svg

Main Menu

Function Keyboard/Mouse Controller Notes
Navigate N/A Control LeftStick All.svg
Move sliders Click and drag Control RightStick All.svg
Spawn Spacebar Control X1 FaceX.svg
Select Click Control X1 FaceA.svg
Go back Click relevant button Control X1 FaceB.svg

Cinematic Mode

⇧ Shift+L used to be the only way to access Cinematic Mode. It was patched out in favor of the manual toggle on the main menu under Settings as of 12/21/17. To disable Cinematic Mode, go into Phantom Forces, then go to Settings -> Display -> Cinematic Mode and move the slider to OFF.