A small Chinese pale red dot sight for quick target acquisition and pinpoint accuracy.
–In-game description
Coyote Sight




Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 380
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The Coyote Sight is a Chinese Optic. It is unlocked by attaining 380 kills with any weapon, or by purchasing it with credits.


The JH-406, also known as the Coyote Sight, is a red-dot sight originating from China. The optic is very similar to other red-dot sights such as the Kobra sight. The origin of the design is unknown and unknowable due to the large amounts of copies obscuring any traces of its history.


The model in-game is the JH-406.


General Information

The Coyote Sight is a low magnification red-dot-sight, possessing a magnification level of 2.0x. It features a small reticle; a simple red dot serves as the user's point of aim. The optic also has a fairly small optic housing, providing for minimal obstruction of the user's peripheral vision.

Usage & Tactics

The Coyote Sight is best suited for usage in close to medium range engagements, given its lower magnification level, simple reticle and small optic housing. The Coyote Sight serves as a clear, easy-to-use optic for rapid target acquisition. This means weapons that perform well in the aforemetioned range bracket are good choices for using the Coyote Sight. Alternatively, if a user is going for a more close-quarters orientated light machine gun or designated marksman rifle build, the Coyote Sight also can be used in such a class set up. The lower magnification of the sight also lessens the apparent recoil felt by the user. Subsequently, higher recoil weapons see a greater benefit in this regard, although the lower magnification makes it harder to excel at longer ranges.

The Coyote Sight in most scenarios should be avoided when using longer ranged weapons such as some of the designated marksman rifles and sniper rifles. These weapons are far more suited for higher magnification optics such as the PK-A or ACOG Scope, which are better for longer ranged combat. Regardless, the Coyote Sight does remain a very useable optic. Users who desire a simple optic will appreciate the Coyote Sight's small, simple reticle and the unobstructive sight picture the optic provides. It remains a viable red-dot sight for most weapons and is a decent optic for a general-purpose loadout.


The Coyote Sight is a very useful optical sight, providing an unobstructive view on target and wide FOV. However, it remains less effective at longer distances due to its lower magnification.

Pros & Cons


  • High field-of-view (FoV) level.
  • Unobstructive frame and reticle.


  • Low magnification level—poor long-range performance.


  • Since the New Steel update, nearly all secondary weapons can attach this optic. 
  • Since the Winter Update (2018) the reticle on specific guns changed for a more cross-hair-like design and some guns received a blue tint.
    • This did happen to the Coyote Sight in Version 4.0.0, but was reverted in Version 4.1.0 after public outrage.
  • The Coyote Sight is currently the only Chinese attachment in-game.


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