This article is about the exclusive melee weapon. For the map, see Crane Site.
For the CTE version of this weapon, see Crane (CTE).

A special reward for a limited-time-only event. A gigantic toy replica of the Crane. Campers sold seperately.
–In-game description
Prerequisites Rank 10000
Melee Type Two Hand Blunt
Blade Range 4.9 Studs
Headshot Multiplier 1.3x
Torso Multiplier 1.2x
Front Stab Damage 50
Backstab Damage 105
Main Attack Time 0.5 Seconds
Main Attack Delay 0.2 Seconds
Alternate Attack Time 0.7 Seconds
Alternate Attack Delay 0.2 Seconds
Quick Attack Time 1.3 Seconds
Quick Attack Delay 0 Seconds
Melee Walkspeed 16

The Crane is a Hidden Two Hand Blunt Melee weapon. It is the only melee weapon available through a special challenge.


Crane Site was the first ever original map in Phantom Forces, and true to its name, the focal point of this map was its massive crane. It became something of a meme as many players would gather atop the crane to snipe people, and due to the amount of cover, it was nearly impossible to kill players hiding on it.

A version of it was added to the CTE as a one-handed melee weapon, but this version predated melee types and did not make it to the main game.


To obtain the Crane, players had to find 14 special targets on the map Crane Site. Each target would play a small sample of Darude - Sandstorm when struck. Once all 14 targets were destroyed, a special event would happen where the crane would lift off like a helicopter before the map was nuked. Upon the map being nuked, all players present would be rewarded a copy of the Crane, to be unlocked once the player rejoined. As of 28 June 2019, this weapon is no longer obtainable.


The Crane is an over-simplified version of the original model of the crane from Crane Site.


General Information

As a two hand blunt melee, the Crane performs just as well as both the Baseball Bat and Sledge Hammer on some fronts. With a walkspeed of 16, the Crane is on par with most other melee weapons, along with being equal to the Baseball Bat. Performance wise, the Crane is outperformed by the Baseball Bat, being bested on terms of headshot and torso damage, along with blade length.

Usage and Tactics

The Crane is applied much like the Baseball Bat; a fast, heavy-hitting melee with a long blade range. With a considerable damage value to the head, a long range, and a quick attack speed, the Crane can outperform several one handed melees in close-quarters-combat (CQC).


Overall, the Crane is a surprisingly mobile weapon, with a long blade range and quick attack helping it to stay on par with shorter blades. However, the somewhat mediocre damage to the front reduces its effectiveness in CQC.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick main stab time.
  • Long physical stab range.


  • Extremely obstructive view model.


  • Much like the JKey, it is set to unlock at an impossible rank (10000), making it unobtainable by any means other than completing the challenge. This also makes it the second weapon to be a special reward.
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