Crates was a map in the Test Place.


The Crates is a small map that consists of crates and some other props that is waiting for shipment.


Location Flare Domination King of the Hill
Water Tanks A
Middle of the Crate Depot B
Buildings near the Container Truck C


The Crates map consists of many houses found on Ravod 911 and Dunes. It also consists of crates that can be found on Mall and Highway Lot.


This map is a small map, meaning that it will most likely be fast-paced and good for CQC (Close Quarters Combat) on most of the locations on the map.

There is also some Sniping spots that could be found on Crane Site and some spots and props that could be found on Ravod 911 which are also great for sniping.


  • Crates is based of the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare map Shipment, although Crates has a much larger playing area and is possible to get on top of the crates, unlike in the original Shipment.
  • There is a mini crane from Crane Site on the top of a random crate on the map. It is also climbable.
  • Many of the crates are climbable with some great vantage points.
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