A regulation-sized cricket bat, used for the sport of cricket. It's well worn, so it won't crack on you, even while you're cracking the skulls of your enemies. Functionally identical to the Crowbar.
–In-game description

The Cricket Bat is a One Hand Blunt melee weapon. It is currently unlocked by attaining Rank 109 or by purchasing it with credits.


Cricket bats are part of the game of cricket, a bat-and-ball game that is somewhat similar to American baseball in that a batter must strike a ball that is intended to pass by them. However, cricket involves the use of a wicket, a small wooden structure that the bowler (equivalent to a pitcher in American baseball) is aiming for. The earliest reference to the game of cricket is in south-east England, but due to British colonialism, cricket spread to many of the British colonies, and as such is popular in these areas.

Cricket bats may only be made of wood, and they are usually made out of willow wood, then treated with linseed oil. The front of the bat is flat, but the rear has a ridge for structural reinforcement, allowing the bat to survive being struck by cricket balls that can travel at speeds nearing 160 km/h. The edges of the bat have a slight taper to them. A handle made of cane is spliced to the bat in order to give batters a way to grip the bat. A regulation cricket bat may not be more than 96.5 cm tall, 10.8 cm wide, and 6.7 cm deep. The edge of the bat may not be more than 4.0 cm deep.

Despite their apparent durability, new cricket bats must be worn in before use either by a special tool or by using an old cricket ball, lest they crack or splinter when used in competitive play.


General Information

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Usage and Tactics

The Cricket Bat is similar to the Baseball Bat, but sports slightly higher damage and slightly less range. Its range is also less than any two hand blunt and blade weapons, but this is a very minor difference. Aside from blade range, it shares identical stats to the Crowbar, essentially being a direct upgrade to it. It also sports a very fast walk speed when compared to other melees with large ranges.


Overall the Cricket Bat is a balanced melee with an average attack rate and damage but finds its niche in having a slightly longer range when compared to weapons with similar handling.

Pros & Cons


  • Longest blade range in-class.
  • Fast movement speed for range


  • Coming Soon*


  • Cricket bats have seen throughout videogames very rarely, with the most recent mainstream examples being cricket-based games (like Cricket 19) and use of a cricket bat as a weapon (such as in Zombi, where the bat was also its banner weapon).
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