A long pry bar, useful for getting into crates that are nailed down. It's also good for dealing with dangerous aliens. Quick swing time with moderate damage.
–In-game description

The Crowbar is a One Hand Blunt Melee Weapon in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked by default.


A crowbar is a metal bar, usually steel, with a single curved end and flattened points. It often has a small split end on one or both ends, much like the split on a claw hammer, for removing nails or prying apart two objects. These tools are commonly used as a lever. Crowbars are often used to remove nails (for example, opening wooden crates that have been nailed shut) or for prying apart objects.


General Information

The crowbar is the one of two melee weapons unlocked by default, the other being the Knife. While its low front stab damage requires two hits to kill from the front, it trades damage for a quick slash speed and a range of 2.8 studs.

Usage & Tactics

Due to its low front stab damage and the inability to 1SK to the head when stabbing from the front, it is generally recommended to approach enemies from the back. In some circumstances, it is more viable to use the weapon's above average quick attack rather than fully equipping it.


The crowbar is a weapon that focuses on backstabbing, and its range and low rank unlock make it a viable alternative to the knife. However, it has few advantages over other melee weapons that are more difficult to unlock, as it has poor damage.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick walkspeed.
  • Decent range for its type.
  • Quick slash speed.


  • Second lowest front-stab damage of all one-hand blunt weapons - only slightly higher than Stick Grenade.


  • The Crowbar most notably appeared in the video game Half-Life as one of the first weapons a player has access to. The crowbar is thus commonly associated with Gordon Freeman, the primary character of the game.
    • Due to this, many users pair up the Crowbar with the SPAS-12 and G17 to create a Half-Life loadout.
    • The description of the Crowbar references its use in Half-Life.
  • The Crowbar was made by BiddinUp, a Stylis Discord moderator.
    • BiddinUp was also the creator of the Ice Pick.
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