The Dagger Defense DDHB is an ergonomically designed red dot sight, constructed from aircraft grade aluminum for durability and lightness.
–In-game description
DDHB Reflex




Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 1200
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The DDHB Reflex is an American Reflex Sight. It requires 1200 kills to unlock, or it can be purchased with credits.


Dagger Defense is a relatively recently founded "veteran-owned" company. The DDHB is one of their reflex sights, a battery-powered model with a 2 to 5 minute-of-angle accuracy.

In-Game Model

The in-game model is of the DDHB, minus some details like a manufacturer's logo, which has been replaced with a STYLIS Studios’ Logo.


The DDHB acts much like the original Reflex Sight, and to some extent, the Coyote Sight, with obstructive sidewalls that quickly disappear when aiming down the sights.

General Information

The DDHB Reflex's reticle is abnormally small and crisp. Unlike other red dots, the DDHB's reticle is extra clear and remains incredibly small. The unique plus shape (+) reticle makes this sight slightly different from the original Reflex Sight.

Usage & Tactics

Much like any other red dot, this is useful for close to medium range performance. However, the DDHB's tiny, clear reticle makes it a much better choice for low-zoom long ranged performance than other comparable sights.

Pros & Cons


  • Non obtrusive frame.
  • Very clear reticle.
  • High accuracy.
  • Slightly bigger sight magnification compared to Reflex Sight.
  • Work best for short to mid range automatic guns.


  • Incredibly tiny reticle.
  • Very high kill requirement.




Optics Primary

ACOG Scope - Animu Sight - Barska Electro - C79
Comp Aimpoint - Coyote Sight - DDHB Reflex - EOTech 552
EOTech XPS2 - Hensoldt 3x Sight - Kobra Sight - Leupold M8-2x
Leupold M8-6x - Lyman Sight - M145 - MARS - OKP-7 - Pilad 3
PK-A - PKA-S - PM II - PSO-1 Scope - PSO-1M2 Scope
PU-1 Scope - Reflex Sight - TA01 ACOG - TA11 ACOG
TA33 ACOG - VCOG 6x Scope - Z-Point - Extended Stock


Delta Sight - Full Ring Sight - Half Ring Sight - Mini Sight

Barrel Flash and Sound Suppression

ARS Suppressor - Flash Hider - PBS-1 Suppressor
PBS-4 Suppressor - R2 Suppressor - Suppressor
Osprey Suppressor - Sionics Suppressor

Recoil Management

Compensator - Muzzle Brake - Muzzle Booster

Barrel Modification

CTAR Barrel - Extended Barrel

Underbarrel Grips

Angled Grip - Folding Grip - Stubby Grip - Vertical Grip


Flashlight - Laser - Green Laser

Other Aiming Aids

Boom Stock - Extended Stock - G Stock - Raffica Stock
Ballistics Tracker - Laser - Green Laser

Backup Sights

Canted Delta Sight - Canted Iron Sight


20rd Drum - 33rd Mag - Extended Magazine - Pro Mag
30rd Mag - 50rd Drum

Ammo Regular Ammunition

Armor Piercing - Hollow Point

Shotgun Ammunition

Buckshot - Flechette - Birdshot - Slugs

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