Dark Sector was a map in the Test Place.


Dark Sector appears to be an underground facility, with many office spaces and closets. This facility appeared to be aimed to host multiple research projects, but its main focus appeared to be military and space research.


The Space Program Room

This room is close to the Ghost spawns and where the Ghost flag is in CTF (Capture The Flag). This room features a kind of space research program, as evidenced by the Mars rover and the lunar module that is in there. It also serves as a lower-level access for the Ghosts.

The Amphitheater

This room is close to the Phantom spawns and where the Phantom flag is in CTF. This one seems to have been used for military-focused research purposes, as evidenced by the props in the middle of the room. This room also serves as a lower-level access for the Phantoms.

The Garage

This room is a crossing point between both teams and is the location for capture point C in Flare Domination. It features a heavier prop presence than most of the locations on the map, as well as having more floors, which can offer a better overview of the whole landmark and most of its entrances. This room also allows the Ghosts to access the lower level.

The Storage Room

This room is another crosspoint between both teams and is the location for capture point A in Flare Domination. Most of this room's props are containers, but it also has forklifts, boxes, and crates to compensate for the lack of cover in certain areas. The ceiling features a closed gate, which suggests that this facility may be able to receive airdrops.

The Docks

This room is located on a lower floor and is the location for capture point B in Flare Domination. This room has the only water access on the map. It features RFIB boats, crates, and more lighting than usual.

The Connector

This hallway is the only hallway that has any cover. It is where the hill in KoTH (King of The Hill) spawns. In other modes, it serves as a connector to all the capture point sites, as well as a connector between the two previously mentioned landmarks.

The Tank Room

This room is close to the Phantom's spawn and it serves as lower level access to the phantoms. It just features a bunch of tanks.


The Dark Sector map, just like the Mirage map, has slow-paced action, but in a different way where Sniper Rifles can slightly be used due to there not being height advantage or a lot of visible points. In reality, the map could be called as a "maze" due to there being a ton of hallways and one height. (not counting the docks due to them being not so visited) If added, the map wouldn't fit the player count (unless it will be increased) due to there being so many points of interest.

It is best to use an Assault Rifle from far ranges or a Light Machine Gun due to them dealing good damage for this map and having a small range dropoff, depending on which weapon. A Sniper Rifle could also be used if knowing how to use a them from from close range.


  • Walking on water makes a metal sound.
    • Bullet holes will not appear in water, but will still emit particles.
  • There is a room with a Polybius machine, an arcade game that is a subject of an urban legend that first emerged in the early 2000s.
    • In this room, there was music playing in the background. The song itself was Octopus' Garden by The Beatles.
  • Close to the Phantom Spawns, the Amphitheater features a floating tank in the middle. This is a reference to the "Hover Tank", a vehicle from Battlefield 4 which was introduced in "Final Stand"
  • In an interrogation room, broken glass reveals a message saying "You have lead me into this world".
  • In the server room, by the entrance, there's a laptop showing an inverted image of Blamo. Blamo has caused the server rooms to come green with the "Blamo virus".
  • One of the creators of this map has said that this map is explicitly connected to another map made by the same creators, Reservoir.[1]


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