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Dark Sector is a map in the Test Place.


Dark Sector appears to be a military research compound. It consists of an enormous airport, consisting of the airstrip and the Control Building and the corresponding hangars, a Laboratory building and the Staff Barracks


The Laboratories

This building is one of the three main buildings in the compound. It hosts some of the Ghosts spawns and the Ghost Flag. It's a 2 floor building with a basement that holds several offices on the top floor, a cargo garage on the main floor and the laboratories at the bottom. The laboratories have a tunnel from which players can come in and out of, which leads to an open space that only has a small heliport and a small house, along with some fencing.

There's also a train stopped outside, which also serves as a spawn point for the Ghosts

The Staff Quarters

This building is the second of the three main buildings. It serves as the main spawnpoint for the Phantoms.It is a single-story building with small instances on its roof. The building has some bathrooms, a small bedding area and a shooting range on the roof. It also has a separate cabin right on the back, which also allows for some spawns.

The Airstrip

This area consists of the Airstrip, the Control Building and the 3 separate hangars around it. It holds Control Point A and in between the 2 hangars facing the Control Building are some Phantom Spawns. This area is usually a killzone, as it lacks some cover, only having some Humvees and barriers. The third hangar, right of the Control Building is open, which allows for a sneaky side route for the Phantoms

The Control Building

This building is the third key building of this compound, and also its biggest. It holds the Phantom Flag on its roof. It consists of the Control Tower and several smaller rooms, with limited access to the roof ladder within it. On the alley way next to it, right next to the Laboratories, there is the Hill and Control Point B. As well, on the back of it there are some small outhouses that help as a side route and additional roof access for this buildng

The Docks

This area is located right next to both the Laboratory Building and the Control Building. It holds Control Point C. It is a small dock with a small depot building. Right next to it is a shoreline with a great amount of trees that houses several Ghost Spawns


This map has some very open sightlines, with a specific case being one right from the Laboratory Building to the barracks. Even then, this map has a balance between close quarters and long range, allowing for almost any playstyle to perform decently. However, Phantoms, due to their spawn location, can sometimes have a hard time pushing further into the map, as the Ghosts have a height advantage over them.


  • Unlike the original version, players can no longer walk on water
  • The Polybius Machine, as well as the radio and the surrounding props from the original version were ported to this new version. They are located on the second floor of the Laboratory Building
    • In this room, the radio plays a song. The song is called Octopus' Garden by The Beatles.
  • One of the offices in the Laboratory Building is Office No. 427. This is a reference to The Stanley Parable
  • The laboratories in the underground all have several Easter eggs referencing several different games
    • The first one is right in front of the staircase. It is "Project 2.99". This is a reference to Valve, as not only does it have the HEV Suit from the Half-Life Franchise, but it also has the radio playing the trademark radio song from the Portal franchise
    • The second one is right next to the first one. It is "Archive B007". This is a reference to James Bond, with the B standing for Bond, and 007 being the trademark code number he is given
    • The third one says "Biolab B.S.A.V 02". This is a reference to Tom Clancy's The Division 2, as the B.S.A.V(Broad Spectrum Antiviral) is a key part of said game's narrative
    • The fourth one is right next to the tunnel entrance. It is "Project Final Stand". It features a floating tank. This is a reference to Battlefield 4 and its Final Stand expansion. As well, the floating tank prop was also ported from the original version
  • The Control Building is actually based off the original Control Tower from Apocalypse Rising. Said similarity can be noted in the placement of the tower itself among other elements.
  • In the shooting range, there is a chalkboard with a leaderboard written in it. The names in it refer to Alexa, the AI in Amazon Echo, Minecraft Steve, Larry from "The Slap" and Bill, referencing Bill Gates.
  • The sign in the bathrooms reads "Anyone caught spying on the bathrooms is automatically choosing as the target dummy in target practice"
  • Like the original version, this map is still explicitly connected to Reservoir[1], a map by the same creator


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