EOTech 552
Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 85
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The EOTech Model 552 is the model of choice for elite military forces and law enforcement, designed for close-in combat speed and versatility. –In-game description

The EOTech 552 is an American Holographic Sight. It requires 85 kills to be unlocked, or it can be purchased with credits.


The Model 552 is a holographic sight manufactured by EOTech, an electro-optic products manufacturer. The optic is designed to work with night vision devices. It is advertised as being an optic designed for hunting.

In-Game Model

The EOTech 552 is the same optic manufactured by EOTech, with the recticle being Model XPS2-2.


General Information

The 552 has larger sights than EOTech XPS2 and features bullet drop compensation markings, though the EOTech 552 sports the same 1.7x magnification.

However, this attachment is still not very good for long range combat because it has low magnification and may block your target with the larger red sight reticle. It is preferred to use the optic at close range, though the bullet compensation markings may allow you to use the optic at medium-long ranges. Equipping it to a personal defense weapon, shotgun, or a short-ranged assault rifle such as the SCAR-L will make a good combination.

It is noteworthy that equipping this is probably better than leaving your average gun stock, as long as the aforementioned gun has iron sights as default. Compared to the Z-Point, the 552 has a clearer and less obstructing view on the target.


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Pros & Cons


  • Low kill requirement.
  • Low visual recoil.


  • Low magnification - not useful for longer-ranged combat.
  • Larger reticle may obstruct view on targets at longer ranges.


  • The EOTech 552 was originally designed for use with the M240 machine gun.
    • However, it has seen some use in civilian markets as well.
  • The EOTech552 model in-game features the logo of Stylis Studios on the bottom of the optic frame, visible when aiming-down-sights.


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