Elevation is the latest map in Phantom Forces. It was introduced in the "Aim & Accuracy" update.


Elevation is a medium-sized/vertical map taking place on top of a skyscraper construction site. It has many wooden boards like Warehouse, making wallbangs easy in those areas.


Location Flare Domination King of

the Hill

Capture the Flag
Central hub
Central ventilation A
Concrete site B
Gravel pit C
Red storage Ghosts
Blue storage Phantoms


  • Central hub
  • Red storage/painting area
  • Blue storage
  • Helipad
  • Concrete Site
  • Gravel pit
  • Central ventilation
  • Sniper nest


Elevation's layout is based on a circular design. One upper and lower circle surrounding a central hub. The upper circle is more focused on medium to long range combat with sightlines crossing the entire map. The lower circle is more focused on CQC and flanking. The map contains thin walls making the use of Armor Piercing rounds effective.

The map has various ramps and elevation shifts, which can also give long range weapons a slight advantage, while in some sections, Shorter weapons can be more useful.


  • Elevation is heavily inspired by the CSGO map Vertigo. This can be noted by its aesthetics and ramp usage.
  • The map used be called Skyline but was changed to prevent confusion with Skyrise.
  • In previous iterations the map used to have 3 floors.
  • A birthday cake can be found in the central hub's underpass.
  • The helicopter parts on the helipad contain text referring to RubenKan, who is the creator of the props.
  • Mr. Blauwk's Elevated Pawnshop can be found in the lower section of the map which is an inside joke also present in Blizzard and older iterations of Jungle.
  • A picture of the original version of Elevation can be found in one of the red storage rooms.
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