Extended Stock
Attachment Type Optics
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The Extended Stock is an attachment exclusively available to the SPAS-12. It is unlocked by default.


In real-life, different types of stocks exist for the SPAS-12. One type is a fixed, hollow stock, made out of plastic and polymer, shaped as a more traditional shotgun stock. This stock was to help the weapon comply with the United States 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Another, more iconic one, is a metal folding stock, with peepholes drilled through the butt of the stock, allowing it to be used as part of the weapon's iron sights when folded. The large takedown pin is easily accessible by virtue of a ring, allowing it to either rotate or be completely removed. This stock can also have a hook equipped via a slot at the end of the stock. The hook is rotatable in 90 degree increments, so it can fit under a user's arm when the stock is extended, theoretically allowing a user to fire the weapon one-handed.

More rare stock styles include a wooden detachable stock and an even rarer skeleton stock.


The model of the stock in-game is the metal folding stock of the SPAS-12. It does not come with the hook.


General Information

Despite being a buttstock, the Extended Stock is located in the Optics category. The attachment provides no statistical difference to the weapon. Instead, as its name suggests, it changes the position of the SPAS-12 stock, from the folded position to the extended position, changing the sight picture of the SPAS-12. When equipped, the stock is no longer atop of the weapon, thus altering the sights of the weapon. The apeture rear sight and blade fore sight already built into the weapon become the user's aiming device. These are much less obtrusive than the default Iron Sights, providing a clearer view on target and better peripheral vision as the stock in its folded position tends to obscure much of the user's vision.

Usage & Tactics

The Extended Stock is useful to users who seek to replace the Iron Sights with something much easier to use and aim with, but not have a higher magnification level than some optics. Being a shotgun, optics tend to be less needed, as hipfiring in close-quarters is normally fine. However, as the stock when folded also obstructs some of the user's view even when not aiming down sights (ADS), the Extended Stock is also useful there too, although using any optic will also extend the stock. Other optics can provide a clearer view on target at longer distances and tend to work better when the SPAS-12 is paired with Slug rounds. Sights such as the Reflex Sight or Coyote Sight are similar in function but provide a more digital aiming device, which some users may prefer. However, given the Extended Stock is unlocked by default, it is a perfect choice for users who dislike the regular Iron Sights when first using the SPAS-12.


It is recommended to use the Extended Stock over the default option to provide a better view on target and better peripheral vision.


  • The Extended Stock is the third stock attachment to be introduced to the game, the others being the Glock Stock for the Glock series, and the Boom Stock for the Sawed Off.
  • The Extended Stock is the first and only non optical attachment in-game to be placed in the Optics category, instead of the Other category.
  • In the testing stage, Extended Stock did provides some difference on weapon handling. However, it was scrapped when the gun was released to the main game.


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