Facility was one of the maps in the Test Place.


Facility appears to be a war-torn Bayside office campus. It consists of 2 buildings interconnected by bridges with one big courtyard and an open area and a building in the back. It has seen high military activity, as evidenced by the ships on the distance, as well as the tanks and barricades spread throughout the map and the explosion craters and debris on the main courtyard.


Location Flare Hill Flag
West Building Back Parking Lot A
Tunnel beneath Central Building B
Main Courtyard Entrance C Phantoms
Containers behind Central Building Ghosts


  • Main Courtyard
  • West Building
  • Central Building
  • North Building


Coming Soon


  • The players can actually climb up the mountains, which can lead them to fall off the map, due to a missing collision wall.
    • If the player "wall runs" enough, they are able to reach the out-of-bounds water and even run over it, although there is a point where the water, like in Reservoir, has no collision layer, which makes the player fall off the map and die to out-of-bound kill boxes.
  • The building in the further back shares several characteristics with one of the buildings in Highway Lot.
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