An example of what a "flare" looks like.

Flare Domination is a gamemode revolving around 3 flares to be captured around the map.


In a map, there will be 3 capture points (A, B, and C). Both teams must capture by simply standing on them. Capturing these points will passively give the team points until it is captured by the other team. A team will win if they are the first to reach 250 points or have more points when time ends. Unlike flags, the appearance of the points are flares. It's recommend to have another teammate assisting you while capturing a point. You'll be rewarded 400 EXP once you capture a point and 20 EXP while capturing.



  • Always help out somebody to capture a point. The more people who stand on a point, the faster you will capture it.
  • Weapons with a fast Rate of Fire (RoF) and a large magazine size are often useful to clear out a bunch of people on a capture point. A good example to use is the Colt LMG.

Capturing a point

  • When assaulting a point, make sure you clear out enemy players around the point. If one enemy player ends up hiding unnoticed, they could do a surprise deployment attack and foil your attempt to capture a point.
  • Capturing a point takes 5 seconds with only one person on it. The amount of time it takes to capture the point is divided by two for extra person on the point.
    • You get 20 XP every second you capture the point, starting about 1.5 seconds after the start of the capture time.
    • You get 50 XP when you kill an enemy inside their capture point.
    • You get 150 XP for killing someone capturing your team's capture point (this and the 50 XP bonus often go together, so usually, you will get 400 XP for killing someone while capturing a point).
  • If a flare is in an enclosed space, you can throw a Grenade into the point. This often forces many enemies to run from it because it can round up a fast group kill.
  • While capturing the point, make sure you go to the point without being seen. Like for example, proning at the point or hiding to a prop near the point while watching your surroundings for enemies.
  • Be on the lookout around you in case of players hiding or snipers taking aim as they could take you out easily from the distance.
  • Don't stand still, or you will be an easy target to pick out of anywhere.
  • Try to hide by crouch or laying down to not be seen.

Defending a point

  • Using Sniper Rifles are often the best way to defend a point because of their long range capabilities. However, if an enemy can sneak in, you will likely die because snipers have little CQC defense.
  • Some closed space points boast good hiding spots. If you see an enemy, hide in a spot and kill them when they are off guard capturing a point.
  • Throwing a grenade at point could cause the enemy to stop capturing to dodge the grenade or kill the enemy, so it is a great way to flush them out.


  • In earlier versions of Flare Domination, it took a painful 15 seconds to capture a point. It has now been reduced to 5 seconds.
  • The points initially had no letters in them, so working as a team to locate, assault, and capture flares was a little difficult to do.
  • There is a limit on how many "capturing" EXP you get before actually capturing the point to prevent EXP farming.