Eliminates the muzzle flash from unburnt propellants while firing by cooling and dispersing burning gases that exit the muzzle, resulting in slightly reduced hipfire stability.
–In-game description
Flash Hider



Attachment Type Barrel
Kills Required 100 (x2 for Stevens DB and Sawed Off)
Note All primary and secondary weapons except Integrally Suppressed Weapons, PPSh-41, ZIP 22 and AWM

Also known as Flash Suppressor, its primary intent is to reduce the chances that the shooter will be blinded in low-light shooting conditions. Its primary intent is to reduce the chances that the shooter will be blinded in low-light shooting conditions. Reducing the visible flash to the enemy is merely a minor secondary benefit, as the loud sound is more relevant in such situation. A flash suppressor generally does not affect the recoil. While the flash hider is intended to reduce visible flash and typically does not reduce the recoil.

Statistic modification

  • Hides muzzle flash.
  • Slightly reduced hipfire and aiming stability

Tactics & Usage

This device eliminates the muzzle flash of the weapon, which is useful for concealing the player in dark conditions. However, since the update to make the environment brighter even at night, the ability to conceal in dark condition is rendered worthless.

The advantage over the suppressor is that this device does not decrease the damage, range and bullet velocity of the weapon. However, any opponent can still easily detect the player with their radar. The Flash Hider is useful on weapons where the muzzle flash obscures the vision while aiming while any type of suppressor will reduce their effectiveness, like the M60 and the SA80 series.


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