Attachment Type Underbarrel & Other
Kills Required 0 (standard weapons)

120 (Groza-1 and Groza-4 - Underbarrel)

365 (Groza-1 and Groza-4 - Other)

200 (Hecate II - Underbarrel)

200 (M45A1 - Other)

Note Illuminates area in front

A high power flashlight to help light up dark environments. –In-game description

The Flashlight is an underbarrel attachment available by default to most assault rifles, carbines, and designated marksman rifles. It is also unlocked with 120 kills on the Groza-1 and Groza-4 as an Underbarrel attachment, 365 kills as an Other attachment for the Groza-1, and at 200 kills for the M45A1 and Hecate II. It can be purchased with credits (CR), if kills are required.


The Flashlight is an unique attachment, for while it does not change the statistics of the weapon, it does brighten up surroundings when equipped. Therefore, it is most useful when used in dark areas. Some important areas where the Flashlight is most helpful are in the underground tunnels in Ravod 911 and Highway Lot. In both areas, lights can be shot out that will darken the rooms, since there are no other sources of light in the tunnels. The light also points where your gun is aimed, therefore not illuminating the area directly ahead while sprinting. If one wishes to acquire greater awareness of their surroundings in darker areas, this attachment is recommended.

Due to the limited use and functionality of the Flashlight, however, this attachment should most often be replaced for other, more useful underbarrel attachments, such as a Grip or Laser. Still, for nearly every gun, it is unlocked by default, and can be used until a player can equip another attachment in its place. Along with this, some guns can also equip the Flashlight in the Other category, allowing 2 of these attachments.


The model in-game doesn't seem to resemble or be any specific model or brand of flashlights. It is presumed that this is most likely a generic design of a high-power tactical flashlight.


The Flashlight can be used to light up dark places. Places that can have little to no light, due to players breaking all the lights, (like the tunnel at Highway Lot, or the underground passage at Ravod 911) can be uncovered with the Flashlight. However, the light is not very bright or strong. The Flashlight does not affect any of the gun stats.


  • The Flashlight was previously an AK12 exclusive attachment. Later, the Flashlight has been added to other AK-12 variants. After this, it was added to the Groza Family, the Hecate II, the M45A1, the SCAR PDW, the DBV12, the Saiga-12, and the SPAS-12, and finally to most guns.
  • In real life, weapon-mounted flashlights are available for most weapons, including the in-game M4 and even some pistols.
  • The M45A1 was the first Secondary weapon to have the Flashlight as an attachment. As of part one of the New Steel update, all weapons now have the Flashlight as an attachment.
  • The MP10 has an integral flashlight mounted under the barrel.
    • As a result of this, 3 flashlights can be attached to the weapon.
  • Prior to the Summer Update, players could not see the light from a flashlight emitting from other player's weapons.


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