Frying Pan
Rank Prerequisites Rank 139
Melee Type One Hand Blunt
Blade Range 2.3 Studs
Headshot Multiplier 1.0x
Torso Multiplier 1.0x
Front Stab Damage 65
Backstab Damage 130
Main Attack Time 0.7 Seconds
Main Attack Delay 0.25 Seconds
Alternate Attack Time 0.6 Seconds
Alternate Attack Delay 0.25 Seconds
Quick Attack Time 1.4 Seconds
Quick Attack Delay 0 Seconds
Melee Walkspeed 16

This steel frying pan is great for cooking with. Few things are scarier than a Scotsman holding one of these things charging at you. Higher damage with a slower swing. PWONG! –In-game description

The Frying Pan is a One Hand Blunt melee weapon in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked at Rank 139 or can be purchased with credits (CR*). It can also be unlocked by rolling a Legendary while opening cases.


Frying pans, or skillets, have a long, storied history. The earliest known use of a frying pan was in Mesopotamia, using copper pans. Both the ancient Greeks and Romans used frying pans as well. These pans featured long legs, and up until the introduction of the cooking stove, almost all pans featured these legs.

Frying pans are made from a variety of materials, most commonly being made out of cast iron. Modern frying pans are, of course, made of modern materials like stainless steel, and coated with coatings like Teflon.


The model in-game is a standard frying pan, featuring a cast iron head, stainless steel handle with a loop for being hung on a rack, and a small loop built into the pan for being hung from the pan itself rather than the handle.


General Information

The Frying Pan is just another melee. It features the second-highest non-backstab damage in its class, only beaten by the Trench Mace.

Usage & Tactics

As with all melees, standard tactics apply - get in close only when your opponent is disadvantaged heavily. Don't expect much, as its blade range is middling, and the small bonus to front stab damage over other melees is negated when the Trench Mace is unlocked earlier and does a better job of dealing front stab damage.


The Frying Pan is a simple, middle of the road melee with slightly more damage while not backstabbing.

Pros & Cons


  • Second-highest front stab damage in its class.
  • Alternate attack animation provides a wide field to strike within.


  • Somewhat slow swinging speed.
  • Slowest quick attack speed of all melee weapons.


  • The kill feed name of this weapon is "PAN!", in all caps and including the exclamation mark.
  • The model was made by glowy_dingus.
  • Pans have some prevalence in modern media.
    • A frying pan was originally featured in Left 4 Dead 2. It was ported to Team Fortress 2 as a reward for purchasing L4D2, and was made available as a melee weapon that is available for all classes. It quickly attained meme status primarily due to its incredibly loud hit sound, and was elevated even further by the Demopan meme.
    • Frying pans have also attained a legendary status in PUBG. Aside from it being an early and easy to find melee weapon, the pan has the ability to deflect any shot fired at it, even while holstered.
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