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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 50
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A replacement iron sight with a thin ring to minimize occlusion of the target, accompanied by a thicker front post for rapid target acquisition. –In-game description

The Full Ring Sight is an optic attachment available for all secondary weapons, except the Serbu Shotgun, SFG 50, Obrez, and Sawed Off. It requires 50 kills to be unlocked, or it can be purchased with credits.


General Information

The Full Ring Sight is an optic, and can be equipped to any secondary firearm, excluding the weapons above. Along with this, it is available for a select number of primary weapons as well, such as the 1858 Carbine. The appearance of this optic is simple. There is a back and front sight, front sight post, and a red marker on top of the post, indicating where the bullet will impact.

Usage and Tactics

The Full Ring Sight is best used for close-to-mid range combat. It is a good optic choice for firearms such as the MP412 REX and the Deagle 44. With this optic, the user can eliminate targets at medium range when they are standing still, however, this sight is not as appropriate for a moving target.

This optic can be hard to use at long range, as it obscures a larger chunk of the screen than a Delta Sight or Mini Sight would, as this attachment is an alternative to a weapon's iron sights, incorporating a solid recticle. However, this attachment is an improvement to the stock sights, which may be too small or obtrusive for use. Furthermore, attempting to compensate for bullet drop with this attachment is near impossible, due to the fact that the weapon itself will obscure the target when aiming above.

However, in close-quarters-combat (CQC), this optic can be very useful for eliminating targets near the user. Heatshots can be hit more easily due to the enclosed sight ring, however, this may not be as effective as alternatives such as the EOTech XPS2.


The Full Ring Sight is a quick to unlock optic that surpasses most weapon stock iron sights, along with the sight illumination proving useful in darkened areas. As a close-to-medium range alternative to the standard weapon sights, it is viable in most CQC encounters, however, is quickly outclassed by alternative optics that are available around the time of unlock.

Pros & Cons


  • Early unlock.
  • Integral sight illumination.
  • Better alternative to standard iron sights.


  • Obstructive sights.
  • Unable to compensate for bullet drop.
  • Other available optics at the time may be more suitable for use.


  • In-game, the Full Ring Sight is composed of two different attachments. This allows the distance between the two pieces to be flexible and affix to any handgun.
  • The Full Ring Sight has an other similar optic attachment called the Half Ring Sight.


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