Two teams, known as the Phantoms and the Ghosts, are the main factions of the game. The Phantoms are distinguished with a blue color whereas the Ghosts possess an orange color. Each team has several unique spawn locations on each map, which are static and team-based.

In addition, the game features advanced and unique movement mechanics (all of which are covered in Controls). Bullet Drop, Muzzle Velocity, and External Ballistics mechanics are scripted in the game for firearms. Such features distinguish Phantom Forces from many other Roblox FPS games.

With its complex mechanics and unique gameplay, Phantom Forces is acclaimed as the most popular shooter on Roblox.

Helpful resources

Controls - Basic and vital controls in Phantom Forces.

Ranks - The primary way of progression in Phantom Forces.

Credits - An alternate option to unlocking through reaching milestones.

Maps - Familiarize yourself with the battlefield before you step into the fray!

Mechanics - See ingame features.

Gamemodes - Learn about the 5 gamemodes.

Spotting- A useful mechanic to know.

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