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Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 90
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A replacement half ring ghost sight for balanced visibility and rapid targeting at shorter ranges, with a thicker front post included. –In-game description

The Half Ring Sight is a sight found in the optics section of all the secondary weapons except for the Serbu Shotgun, Obrez, Sawed Off, and SFG 50. It is also similar to Deagle 44's default stock optic.


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The Half Ring Sight is the half-ring back sight version of Full Ring Sight. It also has lime-like color rather than red for better vision on low-light combat. Like the Full Ring Sight, the appearance is simple. It has front and back sight, a post, and a mark where the target should be.


Half Ring Sight is effective at close to mid range combat. It can plausibly be used to kill stand-still enemies from afar, but this becomes difficult when target is moving. This optic is also useful for pistols with high recoil, such as M93R, as the user can still see the front post even with significant kick.


  • In-game, the Half Ring Sight is composed of two different attachments. This allows the distance between the two pieces to be flexible and affix to any pistol.


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