A modular component for the G36 rifles, featuring a 3x optical sight and carry handle combination. It was a common sight on early G36 models, and was often accompanied by a special reflex sight.
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Hensoldt 3x Sight




Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 0
Note Unlocked by default to the G36 family, required a certain amount kills to unlock in other gun

The Hensoldt 3x Sight is a German Telescopic Sight. It is unlocked by default on all G36 family weapons.


Originally, the G36 rifle was intended to come with a set of optics, including a ZF-made 3.5x telescopic sight as well as an unmagnified red-dot sight made by Hensoldt mounted on top of this optic. This was all combined into one package with a large carry handle. Initially, H&K chose to upgrade this package with the G36A2, adding a Picatinny rail where the unmagnified reflex sight was originally, and transferring that reflex sight to an accessory. However, in the aim to reduce the cost of the weapons package overall, H&K chose to utilize the weapon's modularity and began to sell G36 rifles with the Picatinny rails that were originally featured on the G36K and G36C in a later revision. This more modular rail is a very flat Picatinny-mount rail with integrated iron sights.


General Information

The Hensoldt 3x Sight brings back one of the G36's hallmark features, its unique magnified sight, to every G36 family rifle. This means that instead of being restricted to the G36, now even the SL-8 and the MG36 can take advantage of this optic. It provides both an unmagnified optic as well as a magnified mode, which provides a similar experience to the PK-A optic.

Usage & Tactics

It should be noted that choosing to use the unmagnified mode of this optic is unwise. The depth of the optic means that it consumes a lot of one's peripheral vision, making it incredibly difficult to use when unmagnified. However, when magnified, this becomes a suitable short range marksman's optic. This lets weapons like the SL-8 and MG36 be more effective at range from the moment they are unlocked.


The Hensoldt 3x sight provides strong magnification, but choosing to use it unmagnified will hinder more than it helps.

Pros & Cons


  • Toggleable magnification level.
  • Low magnification level leads to less felt recoil compared to high-zoom optics.
  • Unlocked by default for all G36 rifles.


  • Reduced peripheral vision, especially while not zoomed in.
  • Attachment height obscures more of the right side of the screen.


  • Even though there is a rail on top of the Helsoldt 3x Sight, it is not possible to mount another sight on top, as only one sight can be equipped at a time. However, canted sights will still attach.



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2.0x to 3.0x Magnification

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