A classic hunting knife made with modern materials. It feels perfectly weighted in your hand. Trades some range and swing speed for damage.
What's your favourite scary movie?
–In-game description

The Hunting Knife is a One Hand Blade. It is currently unlocked via exclusive case unlock.


Hunting knives are simple knives with a slightly misleading name. Hunting knives are not intended for the purpose of killing a game animal - rather, it is intended for the purpose of preparing the game animal for consumption by a human. This means that the hunting knife is intended for skinning the animal and cutting up the meat. The blade's design inherently makes it poor for stabbing, but much better for cutting. Most hunting knives curve the tip to avoid damaging the skin of an animal when it is being cut.

The hunting knife in Phantom Forces is based off the knife used by the antagonist Ghostface in the movie Scream. This specific knife features a clip point blade, which allows the knife to make a deeper puncture more easily.


General Information

The Hunting Knife is used in much the same way as the standard Knife. However, it trades some of its range and swing speed for more damage overall.

Usage and Tactics

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Pros & Cons


  • Slightly higher damage.
  • Slightly higher headshot damage.


  • Slightly shorter range.
  • Slightly slower swing speed.


  • The word "Dev" is engraved into the base of the knife. Shaylan included this as a reference to one of his friends, DEVGHVST.
  • The trivia references a line said by Ghostface in the first Scream movie.


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