A pick designed for cutting into packed ice, useful for scaling cliffs and glaciers alike. It might have been used by a free man once, in another timeline. Longer range.
–In-game description

The Ice Pick is a One Hand Blade Melee Weapon. It is unlocked at Rank 73, can be purchased with credits (CR) or by rolling a LEGENDARY while opening a case.


An ice pick is a multi-purpose tool for use in icy and frozen conditions. Ice picks provide a way of breaking into ice, providing a handhold for hikers and climbers. Additionally, ice picks provide a means of breaking up chunks of ice, and were historically used for breaking up chunks of ice intended for early refrigerators and freezers. 


The model in-game is a red-white ice pick resembling a pickaxe with teeth, and it has an adze on the back of the head.


General Information

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Usage & Tactics

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Pros & Cons


  • Can be unlocked by ranking up.
  • Quick slash speed (both with the quick attack and main attack.)
  • Highest walkspeed in game.


  • High rank unlock.


  • The Ice Pick could be a reference to both Tomb Raider and Uncharted as they are the primary melee weapon of both series' protagonists (to a lesser extent in Uncharted as Nathan also uses shivs throughout the series.) The Ice Pick also has a strong potential to be based off the ice axe from the Half-Life 2 beta.
    • The particular ice pick in PF seems to have its model based on the Half-Life 2 version, with some proportional adjustments.
    • The weapon's description also references its use in Half-Life 2's beta.
  • The Ice Pick is unlocked at rank 73 alongside another weapon: the Machete.
  • The Ice Pick was made by BiddinUp, a moderator for the StyLiS Discord.
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