A special reward for your participation in the 2018 Ready Player One event. Very short range with fast swing time.
... Escape your past and the key will be yours at last.
–In-game description
Prerequisites Rank 10000
Melee Type One Hand Blade
Blade Range 1.3 Studs
Headshot Multiplier 1.4x
Torso Multiplier 1.1x
Front Stab Damage 65
Backstab Damage 120
Main Attack Time 0.5 Seconds
Main Attack Delay 0.2 Seconds
Alternate Attack Time 0.7 Seconds
Alternate Attack Delay 0.25 Seconds
Quick Attack Time 1.3 Seconds
Quick Attack Delay 0 Seconds
Melee Walkspeed 16

The Jade Key is a Hidden One Hand Blade Melee weapon. It was unlocked exclusively during the Ready Player One event.


On the planet Frobozz in the XYZZY Cluster is a dilapidated white house containing a detailed re-creation of the game Zork, where the Jade Key is located. The Jade Key was the second of the three keys needed on the quest to find Halliday's Easter Egg; the central plot of the Ready Player One Universe.[1]


The JKey is intended to replicate the appearance of the Jade Key from Ready Player One. As such, it has a simple "pixelated" appearance.


General Information

The JKey (or Jade Key) is an item that was required in the Ready Player One event. It was obtained by solving a "Lights Out" puzzle on the vending machines on all maps. By turning all the tiles on either vending machines gray, the Jade Key would be obtained as a melee weapon that the player could fight with or use to progress in the event.

After obtaining the Jade Key, it was able to be used on specific doors in Dunes or Suburbia that had a keyhole in them to activate a special teleport. See Ready Player One Event.

Usage and Tactics

The JKey is almost completely identical in statistics to the Tactical Spatula, with the only difference being the JKey has shorter range. It is advised to use this like any other One-Handed Blade, at close range while taking advantage of its faster attack speed versus other categories of melee weapons.


The JKey, as a melee weapon, is relatively unremarkable. Most other One-Handed Blades are much more effective, and there is little motive to use it if the player has also unlocked the Tactical Spatula. As a melee weapon, it should only be used for a quick backstab on unsuspecting players, as its range is punishingly short.

Pros & Cons


  • Quick main stab time.
  • Fast mobility speed.


  • Incredibly short blade range.
  • Can only kill in one swing to the back.


  • The JKey was originally obtainable by accident, allowing players to collect JKeys long before they were supposed to. This can be considered to be an accidental leak on the developers' part.
    • These JKeys did not work for the purposes of the event. For a functional JKey, players must have completed the challenges in order to collect the key.
    • Since the "broken" JKey cannot be obtained anymore, and because the event JKey is not considered to be part of the standard weapon pool, the JKey cannot get or accept skins.
    • The JKey's example image and third-person model, before release, was of the Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.
  • The JKey is the first melee to be a hidden weapon.
  • The JKey was the second event weapon in Phantom Forces. The first weapon could be considered to be the Railgun due to its use being limited to only the Rogue One event.
  • When the player receives the JKey, it will say that it is unlocked at rank 10000. This means that unlocking it by traditional means is impossible, as the highest legal rank possible is rank 999. Reaching rank 1000 automatically resets the player to level 1. This is also the case with the Crane unlocked at the same rank.
  • Around Update 4.0.0, the JKey gained a new sparkle effect.
  • This is the only weapon that required the player to play another game to acquire (that being Jailbreak).
    • In spite of this, it was possible to get the JKey at any rank, so long as the user participated in the Ready Player One event.
  • The word 'Home' is etched on one side of the JKey.
    • The word 'Blue' is etched on the other side.
    • "HOME" is a reference to Suburbia and "BLUE" is a reference to the blue house where the gate is.
  • Originally, this page was deleted by Shay as a coverup so the JKey and the Ready Player One event would not be revealed too early. Its deletion reason had the following contents:
    • - .... . / .--. .... .- -. - --- -- ... / .- .-. . / .- .-- .- .-. . --..-- / - .... . -.-- .----. ...- . / -... . . -. / .- .-- --- -.- . -. .-.-.-
    • Which translated to: THE PHANTOMS ARE AWARE. THEY HAVE AWOKEN.


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