Jungle is a map which takes place in a semi-industrialised area of jungle, located in Cambodia. It was introduced in Update 4.11.0


Jungle is similar in design to Blizzard, being terrain based. It also has small areas of buildings, such as the village, the lumbermill, and the temple in the centre. A plane crash is the centrepiece, and it marks the location of the hill and the mid point(?).


Location Flare Hill Flag
Temple A
Temple(inside crashed plane) B
Military Outpost C
Clinic Phantoms
Lumbermill Ghosts


  • Village
  • Clinic
  • Military Outpost
  • Temple
  • Lumbermill
  • Altar


This map features a highly irregular elevation on both north and south sides of the map. The most notable change in the map's terrain elevation is in the river, which makes it a great spot for Long Range Combat, allowing weapons such as sniper rifles and DMRs to perform greatly.

The bridge crossing from the Lumbermill to the Altar is very tight, allowing for shotguns and PDWs to almost always get the upper hand, although a well positioned player with an LMG can clear the bridge easily before moving onto it.

Being in the river itself is almost always a death sentence, due to its low elevation, though the small amounts of vegetation can be used as soft cover to break up enemy sightlines. This allows the player a small chance of getting to the other side without being shot.

While most of the map allows for a certain freedom of choice between weapons, the Village and the Military Outpost heavily encourage the use of CQC weapons, such as shotguns or PDWs. This is due to the tightness of the alleys and hallways which can be hard to fight in using a weapon intended for precision at longer ranges.

The Temple , on the other hand, provides a total freedom of approach for almost every weapon thanks to the vast amount of entrances and long sightlines. This can work to the detriment of shotgunners as the spread may reduce damage if enemies are on the opposite side of the building.

An Assault Rifle or Battle Rifle is recommended as they can perform well in both CQB and more longer-ranged situations.


  • This map has resemblance to the map Operation Outbreak from Battlefield 4 and Jungle from Call of Duty, as one of the creators has stated it to be based off those maps. As well, the same creator has stated the map is heavily based on temples found in Cambodia, marking it as its location.
  • The golden statue in the Altar is a Stylis Logo.
  • In a previous iteration that was only available in the Test Place, the plane's front cabin was open, which allowed for a great vantage point. It has now been closed.
  • A picture of both creators' Roblox Avatars can be found inside the Military Outpost.
  • A turtle and a Katana are hidden in the river.
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