An Example Of The "Point Counter" Looks Like.


An example of what a "Hill" looks like.

King of the Hill (KotH) is a game mode in Phantom Forces.


King of the Hill is centered around capturing the single "Hill" with a random prop in the middle in an attempt to bring down their tickets, which start at 600. The team with the most points at the end of the round wins the game. This leads to a highly defensive game play strategy in which many players will fight to protect their Hill. Points will "bleed" from both teams' points unless one team has possession of the Hill, which will stop (or at least slow) the ticket loss. The standard interval for ticket loss is, by default, 10 seconds.

While being quite similar to Flare Domination, but it is counted down instead of counting up. KotH brings an added element of conflict as there is only one Hill which the battle revolves around. This will usually provide some cover, however, the Hill attacker's teammates must offer protection from enemies nearby. Hills look different for each team, Phantoms have a bomb pile, Ghosts have what appears to be a defuser. You get 10 XP every interval you camp inside the Hill. The amount of XP gained while capturing and completely capturing a Hill is the same as Flare Domination.

As outlined in the Update 12 video, staying on the Hill reduces enemy points faster, though the scarcity of cover while on point may be a matter of Risk vs. Reward.

Number of Players on Hill 1 2 3+
Point Loss Interval (seconds) 5 4 3

Putting players on Hill becomes an effective strategy to deprive enemies of points. Putting just one player will half the interval that enemy points will be lost, while many more players on the Hill can lower that to a quick 3 seconds. However, a clumped team will be easy prey for a simple grenade throw.

The game mode is not totally reliant on the Hill, though. It is possible to have control of the Hill and lose the game if your team has very low ticket count. This is because some residual tickets still be lost even with full control of Hill as players can still eliminate enemies to get the opposing team to lose points, though it is much more effective to control the Hill.


  • Points can also be lost from both teams when one of their players dies. So there can be chance for a team to win purely by getting kills and not capturing, but this has never been done before. A kill on one team contributes to a one point loss to the other team, so the odds of winning by pure kills is close to 0.