Although Phantom Forces is a mostly glitch-free experience, there are some in the game, and we've put them here to warn the public.


These glitches are caused by the Roblox physics engine.

  • Occasionally when breaking glass, the player will be launched into the sky.
  • Occasionally when touching unanchored corpses, the player will be launched into the sky.
  • Players can prone on top of each other to perform a fly glitch.


These are annoyances or glitches that won't particularly affect gameplay.

  • Sometimes, there will be two guns on your screen, but only one will be usable.
  • Sometimes when scoping in:
    • No zooming will occur. Generally PF catches up after a few seconds, but sometimes it fails.
    • A zooming action will occur, but the gun itself fails to disappear, leaving the user staring at the glass of the scope. Unscoping and rescoping fixes it.
      • Appears to have been patched as of 3.9.0
  • Sometimes when you spawn, your FoV (Field of View) will be zoomed in at the same zoom your sight or scope was at when you were aiming down it when you died.
  • Occasionally, when aiming, your zoom will not return to its normal levels.
  • Rarely, when falling long distances, you'll bounce off the ground and take no damage. However, you may still take damage from the second bounce. This is most common when landing on a sloped floor or with laggy servers.
  • If you cancel reloading on a sniper and scope in, the zoom level will not change and remain locked at normal zoom for a few seconds.
  • Players may occasionally continue to exist and take damage even after they have died. This is due to an extremely poor internet connection.
  • Occasionally, when you die and your killer is dead, you will be able to see your arms and your primary weapon for a few seconds, floating in midair. This only happens when there is heavy server lag. 
  • Equipping a VCOG x6 and Canted Iron/Delta sight on a shotgun, switching to the canted sight, zooming in and firing will zoom your FOV into the canted sight.
  • Spamming the spot button right after taking a grenade might stick its animation and not throw the grenade (It will look like you're holding the grenade with one or two hands)
  • If you hold down G and then release while simultaneously pressing LMB with either a Machete or a Knife out, It will freeze in the middle of the animation.


These glitches affect gameplay and can offer unfair advantages to other players.

  • Many players have been known for glitching under the hill in Highway Lot KoTH. This is rather annoying and the only way to kill them is to throw a frag and pray.
  • If you go prone, some of your body parts may go through objects and enemies can shoot you through walls and floors. (This is especially problematic when players on the crane get shot through the floor.)
  • On Highway Lot, the capture zone for the hill extends out to the corner of the room nearby. Players can cancel captures simply by standing here. This also applies to the C point in Mall Construction.
  • It is possible to get an invisible, broken weapon with almost no range that shoots all of its ammo instantly. This usually happens at the end of a round, when a player begins to throw a grenade. The grenade reaches the top of its holding animation moments after the round finishes, preventing the player from throwing it. When the player spawns into the next round, when the countdown finishes, they will hear the sound of the grenade being thrown, and a grenade will be consumed. No grenade will be thrown, however. Their gun will disappear and the arms will revert to a default position. In this situation, it is possible to get a kill, but a player must be standing at point blank range in order to get a hit. The kill will register as the player's primary weapon. Pressing F to knife or switching between your held weapons fixes this glitch.
  • Sometimes, picking up a weapon will cause you to have an invisible gun that you previously had with no model. (You can change a weapon with this "invisible" gun; meaning you can have 3 weapons!) Appears to be fixed.
  • During periods of strong lag, it is possible to duplicate your currently held weapon. This is a rare occurrence, and generally happens when a player switches between dropped weapons extremely quickly.
  • The canted iron/delta sight is misaligned on some weapons.
  • Sometimes when the player runs into a small object, vaults over an object or climbs up a ladder, they can be launched into the air to an extreme height, which they are able to see the whole map from. Then they'll die when they come back to the ground. This is likely due to lag.


  • Rarely, there is a random player on the enemy team that has an ally tag and you cannot kill them, but they can kill you. Some of your teammates may be able to kill them though. It can be fixed by the person with the wrong tag leaving, then joining the game again. Appears to be fixed.
  • In extremely rare cases, the timer will break, as will the scoring system. This makes a round into an infinite version of TDM. There is no fixing it - the server must shut down in order to recover.
  • If a user prones underneath an air duct, stands up, then proceeds to repeat these two actions, the user can fall through the floor under the air duct and fall down to the next level. This is possible in Mall Construction.
  • During periods of moderate to severe lag there is a glitch where the player model starts shaking uncontrollably occasionally leading to the player being launched thousand of studs into the air. Some players take advantage of this and use it to spot every enemy on the map.
  • Occasionally when sliding/diving, the game will assume you're still diving/sliding. This will mess with the player's ability to control their character. Vaulting becomes impossible in most cases. The only way to fix this is to die enough times for the game to reset whatever is busted and allow the player to move normally.
  • Bumping into certain objects under laggy situations will result in a player becoming stuck on an object, generating an excessive amount of footstep noises. This may result in them getting launched into orbit.
  • Occasionally after dying, spawning on a player will result in the instantaneous death of the freshly-spawned player. The only way to solve this is to reset the character through the ESCAPE menu, and spawn normally from the predefined selection of spawn points. This may take 3 to 5 deaths in order to resolve.

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