A traditional Russian red dot combat optic using advanced laser-generated HUD technology to superimpose a reticle onto a filtered optic.
–In-game description
Kobra Sight

Kobra angled

Kobra sight

Kobra hip

Attachment Type Optics
Kills Required 320
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The Kobra Sight is a Russian Red Dot Sight. It is unlocked by obtaining 330 kills, or it may be purchased with credits.


The Kobra sight is well known to Russian soldiers as a very efficient sight. It has been used on Soviet rifles such as the AK74, along with multiple AK variants in recent conflicts.

In-Game Model

The model used in-game is the Kobra 8-18 Red Dot, seemingly attached using the Weaver Screw, however, this is not shown in the in-game model. The reticle is set to an open 'T' configuration.[1]


General Information

The Kobra Sight is one of the many red-dot sights available in-game. Its reticle consists of three red lines in a 'T' cross formation, with the small gap in the center indicating the user's point of aim. Unfortunately, due to there not being a solid aim reticle, the user may not be able to line up the target perfectly. The reticle is relatively small - the sight picture of the optic being uncluttered. The housing frame of the optic is a relatively thin ring atop of the attachment slab.

Similar to the Reflex Sight, the uncluttered reticle makes this sight optimal in close-quarters-combat (CQC), and the relatively low magnification still allows some medium-range use. The low magnification prevents long-range use outside of high velocity weapons.

Usage & Tactics

The Kobra Sight is useful at close-to-medium ranges. The lower magnification level and clear sight picture allows for accurate shot placement up close and better tracking of targets during CQC. The Kobra Sight is also useful on weapons with higher muzzle flash due to the sight mount; the optic sits higher on the weapon than most other optics, meaning that the muzzle flash emitted from the barrel is not as visible when firing, resulting in a clearer sight picture. This makes it easier to track enemies whilst shooting.


The Kobra Sight is a very good sight for close to medium range combat, and not as viable with long-range engagements. It has a clear sight with good field of view (FoV).

Pros and Cons


  • Good FoV.
  • Higher sitting position—muzzle flash is less visible.
  • Clear sight picture.


  • Less precise reticle due to no solid center.


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