A simple red laser. Improves gun recoil recovery speed and hipfire stability.
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Attachment Type N/A
Kills Required 20 or 45
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The Laser is an attachment in Phantom Forces which exists in two slots. The Underbarrel variant is unlocked at 75 kills, and the Other variant is unlocked at 20 kills. They may be bought using credits.


Weapon-mounted lasers are a recent iteration on laser technology. Lasers were primarily used for scientific purposes beforehand, but it was found that the inherent straightness of a laser could greatly improve a shooter's accuracy at a low cost. Most lasers emitted a red beam, but IR models were made for teams that used night vision goggles.


Both red laser modules appear to be generic in shape and nature. Real world analogs cannot be drawn from these simple models.

One module is an underbarrel mount, the other appears to have some sort of nondescript clip that does not actually attach to anything.


The standard laser is a surprisingly useful tool for aiming. It will not make aiming easier at long ranges in most cases, but the laser projects towards the general area where the bullet will hit, making it much easier to handle a sniper due to the bullet drop while aiming down the sight. The Laser provides nearly negligible handling benefits statistically, but in return provides a user's best tool for hip-firing. With the laser, the light emitted by it is parallel with the barrel of the weapon, making it a nearly perfect indicator of where the weapon is pointing - thereby providing the ability to hipfire far more accurately without relying on the central crosshairs.

The Laser does confer one interesting benefit - because a variant is available in the Underbarrel slot, this means it may be used with any Other attachment, including another Laser. When attached in the Underbarrel slot, it does not incur any handling penalties, unlike a grip.

A green variant is available. While it has different handling mechanics, this may be preferable in certain cases, such as when working with illuminated optics such as the VCOG 6x Scope that have red reticles.


  • Lasers cannot reveal the user's position. They are not rendered in the world and do not produce light, therefore this does not draw attention to the user.
  • Lasers can be useful tools for figuring out the bullet drop on a weapon since lasers project a trajectory that a bullet would follow if it had no drop.
  • The word "laser" is actually an acronym for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation".


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